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GNU Make build system

SIMDx86 will be using GNU make as a build system from here on out. Still resolving issues with it as of right now, but you can check out the SVN for the code.

Posted by Patrick 2007-12-04

First 1000 downloads reached!

SIMDx86 has finally hit its first 1000 downloads! Thank you to all who have checked out the project and it source code. If you haven't seen SIMDx86, then now it is a good time! Try reading the documentation, download the v0.4.0 tree (0.5.0 is under development), or get the bleeding 0.5.0 tree from Subversion (no seatbelts provided!)

Posted by Patrick 2006-11-22

Subversion (SVN) access enabled

SVN access has been enabled and will continue to be the prefered method of downloading unofficial/developmental versions of SIMDx86. The initial import contains the v0.5.0 prealpha tree, BUT IS LIKELY NOT TO COMPILE CORRECTLY AS WELL. If you are looking for stable releases, you should wait until the official release via the Sourceforge file release system.

Posted by Patrick 2006-11-06

libSIMDx86 v0.4.0 Released!

SIMDx86 version 0.4.0 has been released. This is the last major release before the huge architectural updates that occur in 0.5.0. This release bugfixes and accelerates numerous functions. See the changelog included in the package.

Posted by Patrick 2006-10-31

Future: libSIMDx86 0.4 -> 0.5 changes

There are going to be some major architectural changes in the way SIMDx86 works in version 0.4.0 -> 0.5.0.

You will still have the wonderful static link, but there is just a single unified binary. This binary contains the optimal code for ALL instruction sets/processors. At runtime, the optimal code is overlayed using VirtualProtect
() (Win32) and mprotect() (UNIX, Linux). This gives all the speed of statically linked code (no indirect function calls, i.e. function pointer or DLL/SO), and all the flexibility of a DLL/SO. This will require a massive overhaul of the existing code and some other things.... read more

Posted by Patrick 2006-10-27

libSIMDx86 v0.4.0 Prerelease available!

The prelease of version 0.4.0 is now available. This code isn't fully accelerated by any means, but is a good sneak peak as to what to expect. There will be no binaries for 0.4.0 prerelease. Please don't use this code in production quality programs just yet!

Posted by Patrick 2006-09-13


SIMDx86 development and release of version 0.4.0 will be temporarily halted due to a two week vaction. Sorry to all who were in fact waiting for this.

Hopefully when I return, there will be Solaris 10/x86 GCC binaries available too. Hopefully.

Posted by Patrick 2006-08-16

libSIMDx86 v0.4.0 Almost Complete!

The first release of version 0.4.0 will be soon!

All 0.3.x users should upgrade as soon as possible as this adds SSE support to the plane functions and fixes some bugs with non-SSE versions too! See the changelog for more information when it is released

Posted by Patrick 2006-08-07

libSIMDx86 v0.3.2a Released!

Second release of libSIMDx86 v0.3! Now with better vector and matrix performance! See the changelog for full details.

Posted by Patrick 2006-06-21

libSIMDx86 v0.3.2a Almost Complete!

That's right, the second release of version 0.3 alpha. See the full changelog at release time. Things to note:

* Improved performance for some vector functions!
* Improved performance for some matrix functions!
* Bug fix for C implementation of matrix transpose!
* Aligned functions!
* Linker error fix!

Posted by Patrick 2006-06-20

libSIMDx86 v0.3.1a Released!

This release does not add any new functions but improves the performance of the vector functions, and some other misc. things.

Highlights include:
* Dev-C++ project file in projects/ folder
* A few more FAQ's on main page
* SSE3 implementations of vector length functions had a useless instruction removed, as well as...
* Dot(), LengthSq(), LengthSq(), Length(), Normalize(), NormalizeOf() for SSE/SSE2/SSE3/3DNow!

Posted by Patrick 2006-06-06

libSIMDx86 v0.3 Almost Complete!

This release provides for functions with Planes, Spheres, and Polygons, as well a some other minor performance updates. See the release notes at time of the release.

Posted by Patrick 2006-02-02

libSIMDx86 v0.2.1 Released!

libSIMDx86 v0.2.1 Released! This includes very little new functionality but instead fixes bugs in the quaternion and vector libraries.

Highlights include:
* Linux GCC 4.0.1 binaries, Win32 GCC 3.4 binaries
* Fixed bugs in SSE/SSE2/3DNow/3DNow+ code paths
* Version module
* Example C++ classes
* Compliance tests for developer debugging

Posted by Patrick 2005-11-17

First release of SIMDx86++

The first release of SIMDx86++, the C++ classes that wrap the functionality of libSIMDx86 into a small, easy to use package. Just plug and play for instant benefit from libSIMDx86. Requires libSIMDx86 v0.2.0 or higher.

Posted by Patrick 2005-11-17

libSIMDx86 v0.2.1 Almost Complete!

libSIMDx86 v0.2.1 Almost Complete!

This is a bugfix for v0.2 and also adds some simple version API. See the release notes when v0.2.1 is released for more information.

Posted by Patrick 2005-11-16

libSIMDx86 v0.2 Released!

This release greatly extends the functionality of libSIMDx86!
Highlights include:
*Quaternion Library!
*Vector Library!
*More optimized Matrix library!
*Better documentation!
*Examples for real use, including C++ class wrapper
*Build script generator (requires ANSI C compiler)
*More codepaths for SSE3 and 3DNow!+

As always, report repeatable bugs to or on the website at

Posted by Patrick 2005-11-14

libSIMDx86 v0.2 Almost Complete!

libSIMDx86 version 0.2 is almost complete!
Features include 3D Vectors and Quaternions, plus better documentation! Stay tuned!

Posted by Patrick 2005-11-09

libSIMDx86 v0.1 released!

libSIMDx86 v0.1 released!

This release includes support for SSE/3DNow!/x87 matricies and some minor math routines such as sqrt().

Be sure to check the documentation for any questions

Posted by Patrick 2005-10-31

Release for SSE/3DNow Matrix code almost complete!

Work is almost complete on the matrix section using plain C, SSE, and 3DNow! instructions. A release is on the way. Feel free to comment on the message boards as you see fit.

Posted by Patrick 2005-10-31

More development is happening!

Development has been picked up as of recently. The project was remaining undeveloped for a while, but now a new release for SSE2/SSE3 (PNI) code will be around soon!

Posted by Patrick 2005-06-17

Project Started!

Project started 1/26/05!

Posted by Patrick 2005-01-26

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