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New Info... :) :) :)

New info on the C# features in SWB for those of you interested:
~The planned mail/news client is going to be written in C#
~ A Theme selecter program will be written in C#
As of right now, that is all that is planned to be written in C#... but there will be more, just keep a look out.

Posted by Nick Mercer 2002-07-08

SWB 0.03a Release Date :)

The definent release date of SWB Version 0.03a is going to be August 2nd, 2002.

Posted by Nick Mercer 2002-07-08

Web Site Design

A new php driven web site is coming soon... so look forward to that. If you are interested in helping or if you have any ideas, please be free to email them to me:

Posted by Nick Mercer 2002-07-03

Silis Web Browser Version 0.03a

The new and improved version of Silis Web Browser is planned to be released on August 1st or somewhere around that date... So far many new improvements have been added with the whole VB.Net system plus a few C# features :)
I plan to post the new features on the web site withing the next week.. keep checking back for new updates.

Posted by Nick Mercer 2002-07-03

Silis Web Browser >> VB .NET

Starting After Version 0.02b, Silis Web Browser Will Be Written In Visual Basic .Net instead of what I've used in the past (Visual Basic 6).. Also starting in version 0.03a will be some new C# code.

Posted by Nick Mercer 2002-06-19

Bug Fixed In Version 0.02b

Toolbar Error Fixed In Version 0.02b... It Now Adjusts as the MDI-Form is re-sized.

Posted by Nick Mercer 2002-06-19

Bug In 0.02a Causes Problems

I had planned on releasing Silis Web Browser Ver 0.02a last night, but as I got to the ftp server and was about to upload, I realized I hadn't tested the software yet :( so when I tested in, I found that it hadn't compiled correctly. So the new release date is planned for Saturday June 15th, 2002

Posted by Nick Mercer 2002-06-14

Silis Web Browser Version 0.02a

Version 0.02a is going to be released Thursday June 13th, 2002... New Features Include:
New GUI Design
Menu System (Not Fully Functional)

Posted by Nick Mercer 2002-06-13

Silis Web Browser Version 0.01a Released

Version 0.01a has been released of the Silis Web Browser Project, This Program has only been tested on Win 2000/NT so for people running Win 9x please email me at and let me know if this works.

Posted by Nick Mercer 2002-06-09