#36 Program halt by association for the same slot

engine (11)

I have made a new reduced test (without warning messages) for the previous closed issue, see attached test archive. Please, check the gdl and the test.

Steps to halt Graphite 2/LibreOffice 3.4:

1. install output/Stddr.ttf
2. load slot.odt
3. and press "a" a few times

BTW. I used this kind of rules to Unicode decomposition.


  • Németh László

    • assigned_to: sharoncorrell --> mhosken
  • Martin Hosken

    Martin Hosken - 2012-01-10

    Could not download the bugreport0.tar.gz. Please reupload. Also please ensure that the bugreport includes the gdl for Stddr.ttf (preferably as a static .gdl file) so that we can isolate whether you have uncovered a graphite engine bug or a libreoffice bug. TIA

  • Németh László

    test file (now in zip archive)

  • Németh László

    Oops, it seems, Sourceforge doesn't like the tar.gz format or extension. I have uploaded again. It works now. Thanks for your feedback.


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