#52 Winamp Sidplay2 plugin bugreport



I'm not sure whether this is the official place of the
Winamp Sidplay2 plugin, but its author (Michael Fink or
Michael Schwendt or Simon White) linked this
(http://sidplay2.sourceforge.net/) address. As I can
see in the CVS this probably is the original place, but
the source was abandoned 2 years ago, and someone else
(without an e-mail address or website) compiled this
plugin about a year ago.

Anyway, I just started to toy with SIDs again, and had
some problems with the mentioned plugin. Winamp is
throwing a guru meditation error after SID playing is
stopped (Stop Button or Winamp Closure), then doing
strange things, switching back to a Classic Skin (from
my default Modern one), later exiting with some errors.
After reading some topics (about german language and
Modern Skin problems), testing out several things and
examining the error reports, I found the following
things. I hope you can and will fix this in the future,
I dig Winamp and SID music (as a C64 demoscener), but
too lazy to waste days to learn Winamp SDK and
Sidplay's source and fix the error myself. :(

So the problem happens when a Modern Skin is activated
in the newer Winamps (for example 5.22, I guess it
happens with every version with 3rd generation Skin
support), many people are still using the Classic
Skins, so this bug doesn't come up for them, but I
guess most people are using the Modern Skins (better
looks, wider areas and beginners probably don't know
the Classic ones either), to be more specific, it comes
up when the Beat Visualization is turned on. Since the
plugin doesn't use the Beat Visualization, I guess
there would be a simple way to save its state, turn it
off from the plugin and return its state after the
plugin's release. I guess since Beat Visualization is a
main thing, can be controlled from the Options/Winamp
Modern/Enable Beat Visualization menu too, the problem
isn't Skin dependent (Modern Skins can run own
scripts), but it may be, anyway I'm using the default
Modern Skin and have problems, so I guess even in this
case the problem will come up for more than 50% of the
users, what is a good reason to fix it.

Hope this bugreport was helpful, best regards,

Credo/Resource (credo 47 resource d07 cx)


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