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#3 failX functions not working?


I observed that the following functions are not working properly in the 2.0 version of shUnit2 (and probably in 2.1 either):

- failNotEquals
- failSame
- failNotSame

AFAIK, failNotEquals should fail when given parameters are not equal so passing '1' and '0' should fail, while '1' and '1' should not. However I always get failure, regardless of the parameters:

ASSERT:fail: not equals expected:<1> but was:<1>
ASSERT:fail: not equals expected:<1> but was:<0>

Same happens with testFailSame. This is what I tried...

failSame "failSame FAILED" "text" "text"
failSame "failSame FAILED" "text" "not same text"

...and this is what I got:

ASSERT:failSame FAILED expected not same
ASSERT:failSame FAILED expected not same

And, at last, same happens with testFailNotSame. I tried this...

failNotSame "failNotSame FAILED" "text" "text"
failNotSame "failNotSame FAILED" "text" "not same text"

...and I got this:
ASSERT:failNotSame FAILED expected:<text> but was:<text>
ASSERT:failNotSame FAILED expected:<text> but was:<not same text>

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something, but I imagine this could be a bug, so here you are the report. If not, I'd be very happy to know why, so I could understand the desired behaviour better, so thanks in advance ;-)

Otherwise, please take a look into the patch I'm attaching (done against 2.0.4 version of shunit2), I'm using it right now and it seems to work fine :-)


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    Sorry, the attached patch is wrong, the right one would be this one:

    diff --git a/source/2.0/src/shell/shunit2 b/source/2.0/src/shell/shunit2
    index 097621e..8f3be17 100644
    --- a/source/2.0/src/shell/shunit2
    +++ b/source/2.0/src/shell/shunit2
    @@ -403,7 +403,12 @@ failNotEquals()

    - _shunit_testFailed "${_su_message:+${_su_message} }expected:<${_su_unexpected}> but was:<${_su_actual}>"
    + shunit_return=${__SHUNIT_TRUE}
    + if [ "${_su_unexpected}" = "${_su_actual}" ]; then
    + _shunit_testPassed
    + else
    + _shunit_testFailed "${_su_message:+${_su_message} }expected:<${_su_unexpected}> but was:<${_su_actual}>"
    + fi

    unset _su_message _su_unexpected _su_actual
    @@ -427,11 +432,22 @@ failNotEquals()
    - _su_message=${1:-}
    + _su_message=''
    + if [ $# -eq 3 ]; then
    + _su_message=$1
    + shift
    + fi
    + _su_expected=${1:-}
    + _su_actual=${2:-}

    - _shunit_testFailed "${_su_message:+${_su_message} }expected not same"
    + shunit_return=${__SHUNIT_TRUE}
    + if [ "${_su_expected}" = "${_su_actual}" ]; then
    + _shunit_testPassed
    + else
    + _shunit_testFailed "${_su_message:+${_su_message} }expected not same"
    + fi

    - unset _su_message
    + unset _su_message _su_expected _su_actual



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