Romain Behar - 2012-08-27

News (12-Apr-2012): The Qt 4 port is almost complete. The previous framework -FLTK 2- is now tagged as experimental but mostly dormant: instead of porting to another FLTK version, Shrimp was ported directly to Qt 4 using Qt Creator.

Shrimp 2 is a RenderMan shader creator.

With it, you can build complex RenderMan materials by connecting ready-made blocks; then use them in a 3D scene.
It is a free (as in freedom) application, licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license.

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Image:Rconstruct_bronze-dragon.jpg|thumb|upright=3| A ''Shrimp'' example: the 'bronze' shader
Image:Shrimpv2generalview2.png|thumb|upright=3| A simple network of ''Shrimp'' blocks



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