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SHPTRANS 1.1.4 is now available. This version supercedes 1.1c as the new current release.

This is a maintenance release; it contains minor bug fixes, compatibility features (ArcGIS 9 gridshift file detection), a few additional units of measurement (yards, US Survey Feet), and a new command line option for slower, more precise calculations for reverse projections.

More information is available in the file release notes.

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2004-05-30

SHPTRANS 1.1c released

As promised, SHPTRANS 1.1c is released. It has no technical changes compared to 1.1c-pre2, although the license has changed to make it unambiguously GPL-compatible.

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2003-04-05

SHPTRANS 1.1c prerelease 2

Prerelease 2 of SHPTRANS 1.1c is a bug-fix, for a bug that dates back to 1.1b. In 1.1b, the documentation stated that it supported arbitrary TM projections (e.g. TM with central meridian at -63.4), but it turns out this functionality didn't actually work. (Guess no one was using that, or I would have heard about it sooner.) Anyway, it works now. Thanks to Brian B. for the bug report. If there are any other bugs that anyone wants fixed in 1.1c, please report them to me now. Unless there are major problems, 1.1c will be released on the weekend of April 4.

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2003-03-26

SHPTRANS 1.1c prerelease

A prerelease of 1.1c is available in the 'development' package. The source zip, binary zip, and installer are all there. -

The prerelease has new support for map units other than meters (feet, km, miles; others can be added). In addition, the options for non-standard map units and false-offsets are now available in the ArcView 3.x extension.... read more

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2003-02-08

shptrans updates

I've begun work on a few updates to shptrans. These will be published initially in the 'development' package, and will be moved into the stable 'shptrans' package when appropriate. One enhancement, just finished, is to support units other than meters (feet, miles, km, etc).

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2003-01-10

SHPTRANS 1.1b released

This is the first "official" release of SHPTRANS since adopting an open source license. See Release Notes:

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2002-10-04

source code now published

All of the source code used in shptrans 1.1b prerelease is now published in the Files section. It is not yet checked into CVS, as I have not yet decided on the module (directory) layout.

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2002-09-06

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