JSHOP2 -- using the output without the GUI?

  • matk

    matk - 2007-11-06

    Dear Reader,

    thank you very much for looking at my thread!

    I did not know, where to put this question to (I checked the forum, but I did not find the perfect place to put this into. And if I accidentally  over-read something, I hope you will forgive me and help me nonetheless.)

    I have the following interesting goal (or problem, as you may say):
    I want to access the results generated by JSHOP2 without using the GUI. Because i want to use the results (the plan/s) for further processing.

    At the moment, I am pursuing this approach:
    I want to use a wrapper containing a class loader that calls a required classes as well as it does execute the necessary compilations and applying the GUI.
    Although, the direct goal is to omit the GUI-step:
    As I'd like to access the results usually displayed in the GUI without applying the GUI.

    Thus, these are my questions -- and I want to thank you very much in advance for trying to help me! :
    a) Is it possible to access the results without using the GUI?
    b) If yes, how can this be done and in which format will the results be?
    c) If not, is it possible to do modifications to get the output in a kind of format to applicable for further processing?

    (If I over-read something somewhere, please, let me know and at best, tell me where to read. Thank you!)

    If you know any better approaches or even solutions for a similar kind of goal, I will be very glad if you will tell me!

    Thank you very much in advance for support!

    Best wishes

    • Martin Weser

      Martin Weser - 2008-09-19

      hey matk,
      Currently I face the same problem. Did you do follow up investigations or actually found a solution? I am thinking to flatten the GUI and finding a solution by reverse engineering... However you could save me a lot of time.
      Thx in advance,


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