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  • thomasMo

    thomasMo - 2007-02-12

    Hi together,

    I have just installed Evolution and it is really great! Thanks to all!

    However, I have two problems:
    1) How can I change the directory, where my user data is stored? I want to change it from c:\documents and settings\Thomas\.evolution to D:\Data\.evolution

    2) How can I import my data from Outlook Express?

    Thanks four your help!

    • Jyg

      Jyg - 2007-03-18

      I think to be able to import it from outlook express you will need to:

      - Install Mozilla Thunderbird to convert your mail from OEMail to MBOX format.

      - Import from Evolution using File->Import, navigate to:

      C:\Documents and Settings\username\ApplicationĀ  Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\randomletters\

      - Then select the right folder from the director, select MBOX format, and then import Inbox to Inbox, Sent Items to Sent Items, etc.

      Hope this helps.


    • DL3GBA

      DL3GBA - 2007-10-10

      I just want to bring up the topic of user data directory again:

      For synchronizing with several mobile and desktop computers for reason of data security and portability in thunderbird I managed to put all my profiles to D:\something\email-data\...

      Is this possible with evolution, too?

      (This also is one of the preconditions of using multiple OS on one computer with the same user data.)


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