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New version released - 1.2

This version of SharpQuake is a bugfix release.

Fixed bugs

1) Audio initialization bug: sometimes programm starts without sound and (with developer=1) there is a 3 messages in console:
UnlockBuffer: No free buffers!
UnlockBuffer: No free buffers!
UnlockBuffer: No free buffers!

2) Wrong index returned by String.IndexOf () in ProgsEdict.cs in Linux (reported by Miguel G L):
For example, in linux "String.IndexOf()" method returns an index "offset = 6633" in the case of Windows "offset = 6632". The correct value is 6632... read more

Posted by Yuriy Kiselev 2014-11-14 Labels: 1.2

SharpQuake goes Stable!

It seems that SharpQuake is ready to be fully playable and so it is no longer Beta. This project was started as a joke and rapidly became a pain in the... But as you can see everything has its end (and every end is a beginning). So this is it. Enjoy the legend :-)

Posted by Yuriy Kiselev 2010-12-21

First Beta is ready!

First Beta of SharpQuake is here. Download binaries and unzip them into the quake directory (where the glquake.exe is), then run SharpQuake.exe. If you do not have original version of quake you can try to download one of the original quake demos or shareware episode.
This version of SharpQuake implements almos all features of original GLQuake except:
1) No dedicated server support.
2) No joystick support (only mouse and keyboard)
3) CD Audio subsystem uses win32 mci-functions and so is not portable.
4) Experimental and Q2-related code is removed.
5) Underwater warp is disabled as "too ugly".... read more

Posted by Yuriy Kiselev 2010-11-06

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