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Shaman 1.0 RC 1 Released!!

After just some days from Beta 3, we're proud to bring you Shaman RC 1. We tried to make this release as bug free as possible, and we're willing to release Gold in a short time.
Don't get fooled by the relatively short commit log: there's more than meets the eye compared to Beta3. All KDE4.1 users will be surely happy to see the huge progress the KRunner and the Plasmoid made. There were also some nice GUI improvements, and we finally fixed the odd sorting by size bug.
Also, we're string freezed from now on, so please, contribute and translate!... read more

Posted by Dario 2008-06-06

Shaman 1.0 Beta 3 Released!!

Shaman Beta 3 was released. This release includes a lot of Core improvements, a bunch of new features, and some fixes here and there. Also, there are a lot of improvements for Plasma components, and now Shaman features a usable Plasmoid!! Upgrading from Beta 2 is strongly recommended. Here comes the complete changelog:


- Better version handling
- Correct Handling of packages with the same name belonging to different repos
- Added support for updating the database everyday at a certain hour
- Better Tray Icon Handling
- Support for "Add upgradeable to Queue"
- Solved a bug that caused freezing or loading failed
- Added force (pacman -f) option... read more

Posted by Dario 2008-05-25

Shaman 1.0 Beta 2 Released!!

Beta 2 was released, featuring ABS 2 support. Full announcement here:

PKGBUILD in AUR was updated, obviously upgrading is strongly recommended ;)

Posted by Dario 2008-04-19

Shaman 1.0 Alpha 3 Released

Hey folks, a long time passed since Alpha2.
So we thought to please you with this new release, here we go:

We are pleased to announce the availability of Shaman 1.0 Alpha 3. This release is a transition release, and it will be the last one before entering the Beta cycle.

A lot of improvements, changes and new features have been added since Alpha 2. Main changes are:

* Shaman can now be used as normal user (flag it with the SUID bit if you're compiling it yourself)
* Shaman will use PAM to authenticate root if run as normal user.
* Shaman can use a Proxy Server now. Credits go mainly to Stiat for this.
* Shaman now handles logging correctly, and features a log viewer.
* Shaman is a lot faster in searching and in processing queue due to some optimization.
* Shaman now features a news reader, that also warns you if there is an unread news about a package you're about to process.
* Updated KDEMod repositories address with the new ones.
* Makepkg can no longer be run as root. Shaman has to be started as normal user to use the Building feature. This is for your safety :)
* Shaman Parser is more efficient now, and won't stuck no more on options such as ILoveCandy.
* More artwork
* More fixes... read more

Posted by Dario 2008-03-28

Shaman 1.0 Alpha 2 Released!!

Just a small time after our first release, we're proud to introduce Shaman 1.0 Alpha 2. This release is a huge step forward compared to Alpha 1, and we believe it is pretty usable and reliable. Here are the most important changes since Alpha 1:

* Scriptlet Handling stabilized: reimplementation of the Scriptlet is now complete and working, so Queue Processing is far more reliable by now.
* i18n support: Shaman is i18n ready. With Alpha 2 Italian, German, Greek and French come as additional languages.
* Experimental Error Handling support: Shaman is able to detect if the Queue Processing didn't get processed successfully. This is an experimental feature, since it has not been tested.
* More Eye Candy: A lot of improvements on the graphic side. We also have a nice icon thanks to funkyou.
* Fits in the desktop: The installer now includes a .desktop file and installs icons in pixmaps/, this means that you'll be able to run Shaman from your favourite menu. Note that Shaman is started with kdesu.
* DBus Engine: Shaman connects to the System Bus. This seems useless, well it's not.
* PlasmaEngine: Our Plasma Engine is already working thanks to DBus integration. The Applet (Plasmoid) is already loadable but still empty.
* Building Output sanitized: Now output from the building dialog is more readable.
* Even more small fixes.... read more

Posted by Dario 2008-03-07

Shaman 1.0 Alpha 1

We're proud to announce the availability of Shaman 1.0 Alpha 1. Even if we paid a lot of attention towards crashes and so in critical situation, it still not recommended to rely on Shaman for processing a large Queue.
You're encouraged to download and test :)

Posted by Dario 2008-02-28

Help us building qtPacman!

Hey everyone!
As we're still in planning phase for some features and for the look and feel of the GUI, why don't you join us in discussing what you would like to see in a Package Manager?
Join this thread on KDEMod Forums and let your voice be heard!

Suggest a name, some functionalities you'd like to see, ideas for GUI design, anything!

Posted by Dario 2008-02-03