#1 Udesired "Wait, Reading Archive" box


Suppose a rather big non-archive file resides on the
not-very-fast media (e.g. .avi movie on CD). If one
installs 7-Zip Plugin for FAR and try to open this
movie (from FAR, of course), he/she will see a box
"Wait, Reading archive. 0 files reading". It is
redundant there, because we are not opening an archive,
so it should be eliminated.

The problem is that several archive handlers (namely,
tar.dll and cpio.dll) do not check if they deal with
archive or not before calling IOpenArchive2CallBack
methods. Since the appearance of the "Wait" box is
time-triggered, it is possible that this box will be
shown even for non-archive files.

I've made a simple patch (over 7-Zip 2.30 Beta 23
sources) which fixes this issue (it is attached to this
bug report, "7z230b23s.patch.tar.bz2" file). Applied
patches (and comments to them) are between "//
BEGIN(PATCH)" and "// END(PATCH)" lines.


  • Valentine Sinitsyn

    • summary: Udesired "Wait, Reading Archive" box --> Udesired "Wait, Reading Archive" box

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