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    quote from faq[
    Support for ACE archives could be implemented in 7-Zip, if the source code of that format was available
    but look, there are unace in debian's main section (free, w/ sourcecode)

    and please, add unix permissions support when changing 7z format

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      Hope it will be easily to add to 7-Zip codebase...

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      Perhaps it will be added in the next release along with proper ZIP support.

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      7-Zip will support ace or not - that is the question!

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      I doubt if any of those things will ever be supported. They have both been discussed over many times here at this forum without any positive results

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      Exactly that is the problem!

      From all the well-known formats actually only Ace and SQZ are missing.
      Only if these formats were supported, all other compression programs would be redundant.

      But it is called in each case, it is not possible! See FAQ.

      Igor, if the source code of new formats is accessible, then please support further formats. Make universally usable for 7-Zip - for still more user!

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      "but look, there are unace in debian's main section (free, w/ sourcecode)"

      If I remember correctly, this code extracts only older ACE archives. Newer ACE archives use additional compression methods that are not supported by this code.
      The people who develop ACE have never open sourced the extraction code for this new ACE2 format. For Windows they offer a free of charge tool that extracts ACE and other formats.
      Software developers can use the UnACE DLL free of charge in their software. 7-Zip could do so as well, but:

      1) The UnACE license, albeit granting permission to use it free of charge, isn't compatible to 7-Zip's LGPL. That means that the user would have to download and install the UnACE DLL as a seperate step.
      2) I seem to remember that there were technical difficulties interfacing 7-Zip to the UnACE DLL (I don't remember the details).
      3) Taking all this into account, it doesn't seem worth the trouble. While ACE was once somewhat popular, it seems now pretty much obsolete. It doesn't offer outstanding compression or speed, or any feature that wouldn't be available in another archiver. Moreover, it seems that ACE's compression engine is not being developed anymore.
      4) Whoever really *needs* an ACE extractor can still use the tool of the inventors of ACE.

      Hope that answers your questions.
      - Tony

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      Oh, by the way, here's the link:

      and then click on "XAce Plus - free extraction tool"

      or directly:

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      The ACE support in Linux source is a great starting point.

      Even if it does not support new ACE formats, it will be great to at least support old one in 7-Zip.

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      Delete his piracy posts!!!

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      Admin, thanks for deleting the software piracy post.


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