context menu: "compress as [folder - current iso]

  • m-z

    m-z - 2013-06-24

    I regulary use 7-zip context menu to create a snapshot of a folder. I names them "". It would be really helpful (and should be easy to implement) to have one more option in the context menu:

    "compres as 'folder 2013-06-24'".

    So you can easily create multiple snapshots of one folder.

  • SimbaLion

    SimbaLion - 2015-10-15

    Bump. I would also like to see this feature added.

    Is it possible to modify the context menu manually?

  • Shell

    Shell - 2015-10-16

    What if someone else prefers another date format? It is infeasible to store many variants of autogenerated names in 7-zip.dll.

    If I am not mistaking, there was a related feature request - generate archive name by mask. When it is implemented, the above feature will be very easy to add.

  • Conrad Drake

    Conrad Drake - 2016-02-22

    I'd really like to see a "Compress to dated zip file" context menu happen.
    And an ISO 8601 date format is the only format that should be being considered, for all the reasons that resulted in this format being adopted.

    For me, time is optional: by default no time is 00:00, so YYYY-MM-DD is more than adequate. If a second compession event occurs on one day time can then be added & still get correct (sortable) results.

    Last edit: Conrad Drake 2016-02-22

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