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Standalone 7-Zip

  • Doug Burkhalter

    Doug Burkhalter - 2005-02-11

    I was wondering how 7-Zip stores its information. Is it in the registry?

    I ask because I was hoping to be able to use 7-Zip as a standalone, portable application. This way, I can keep it on my flash drive and have 7-Zip wherever I go.

    If it's not currently supported, I can open a bug request...that'd be a good place to discuss possibly changing this behavior and how.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      7-zip stores its settings in the registry in

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've been using it that way for a while now and I've had no problems using it, albeit I only use the simplest functions, i.e. creating archives, opening archives, etc.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Every time you use 7zip on other persons computers you leave traces and unwanted entries in the registry. It can be avoided by deleting these entries with a batch or a .reg file. Just place these entries in the .reg file:



      DO NOT (!) forget the minus in front of the key and also DO NOT forget a blank line after the
      "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\7-ZIP" (just press Enter after that line)! Just copy the content above wihtout the lines.

    • Stepho

      Stepho - 2005-02-15

      Or you can simply use the standalone command line version : 7za.exe  :-)

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        So, 7za doesn't save registry entries?

        I don't suppose it supports drag & drop, huh?

        The problem is, many of the computers I use are public machines at my school, and they don't allow access to the command prompt (access is totally cut off).

        But, maybe I can create a frontend...


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