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Serp 1.15.1 Released

A new minor version update of Serp has been released. It contains the following bug fixes:

9 Update ConstantPoolTable.parse() to handle new CP Types
10 InvokeDynamic instruction fix

Posted by Jody Grassel 2014-10-30

Serp 1.15.0 Released

Contains the following updates:

1) Supports new Constant Pool types (MethodHandle, MethodType, InvokeDynamic) and the InvokeDynamic instruction, a necessity for Java 8 classes utilizing Lambdas.
2) Performance enhancement utilizing StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer.
3) OPENJPA-888: Special case of blank method body. Patch contributed by Matthew Adams.

Note: Serp 1.15.0 is compiled as a JDK 6 binary; previous versions of Serp were built as a JDK 3 binary.

Posted by Jody Grassel 2014-10-15

Macromedia Chooses Serp

Macromedia will use the TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit, predecessor of Serp, in upcoming versions of its popular JRun software.

Posted by Abe White 2002-03-27

Apache Axis to use Serp

The Apache Axis project, part of the Apache XML project suite, has incorporated the TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit, the predecessor of Serp.

Posted by Abe White 2002-03-27

Serp 1.0 Released!

Serp has released version 1.0 of its bytecode framework and developer utility suite. Visit the home page for docs and downloads.

Posted by Abe White 2002-03-26