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Released version 0.5

Relased , seems , stable version.
Found and corrected some bugs in scanning for sensors and getting sensor values.
Now I can test it because sensors values appears to me.
It seems that i have found the chip driver module that works for my computer.

Posted by David 2004-08-03

0.5-test2 released

Version 0.5-test2 released. Installation procedure is made in the Makefile. Just do make install with root privileges.
It copies to a static location, don't change it. If you change it, program won't find translation files.
I cannot still test it because drivers for my PC using 2.6.x kernel series isn't done.
It may work perfectly for you, if it works , please report me.

Posted by David 2004-07-26

Released version 0.5-test

Released a test versin of 0.5 version of Sensors_qt.
I have added support for sensors in 2.6.x kernel series.
It's a test version because I cannot test it for the moment because driver for my motherboard for viewing temperature and fan sensors values isn't finished.
If someone can try it and there is driver for their motherboard and can see temperature and fan sensor values, please send me if the program is working or not working.
It may occur that may be configured again; it depends if name of motherboard is changed in the new lm_sensors for 2.6.x kernel series.

Posted by David 2004-07-09

Released version 0.4

Released version 0.4
That version contains graphical interface for configuring it.
Now translation files are located at $prefix/lib/sensors_qt/

Posted by David 2003-08-12

Released version 0.4-pre1

Released version 0.4-pre1. It's added a configuration file and a average counter. Next release will have a graphical interface for changing configuration.
In that configuration you can double the value of one or more sensors or you can add or substract value to one or more sensors and you can put a custom description for each sensor.
Now uses QT3.

Posted by David 2003-07-30

Released version 0.3

Released version 0.3 that contains bugfixes in getting values , added min and max.

Posted by David 2002-10-20