#9 Communication


It appears that when SensorLock is active [Locked] the device cannot initiate outbound communications to the Internet to make an ActiveSync connection. I have tested this several times and it can be duplicated.

One easy way to test this is while the device is NOT locked, go to ActiveSync, click on Sync and then lock the device. It will not complete the connection and it will fail to update. The screen will refresh and it looks like it is doing something, but it will not update. Next, unlock the device while still on the ActiveSync screen and click sync. It will successfully connect and sync.

Another communication concern surrounds Bluetooth. If the device is locked, I believe it shuts down the IR beam function which is needed to send and receive files. I can Bluetooth a file to the device when it is unlocked, but I cannot when it is locked. If I connect via Bluetooth from my PC to the device while it is unlocked and then lock it, I can beam. If I do not attach before locking, I cannot beam files.

In both cases, I did not have these problems in version 0.3.1.

Love the software! Keep up the great work.


  • Andris Capola

    Andris Capola - 2008-10-17
    • assigned_to: nobody --> surfsmurf
  • Carsten Sørensen

    I cannot reproduce this here. I will need some more information -

    What are your lock settings? Lock everything or just the panel?

    When you say "the device cannot initiate outbound communications to the Internet to make an ActiveSync connection", which connection is being used? WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth? Do you mean it cannot connect to an Exchange server?

    What about regular Internet connections - is it possible to update weather information?

    Which ROM version and language are you using?

    Thanks in advance

  • Andris Capola

    Andris Capola - 2008-10-23

    Since upgrading to 4.0, I no longer have this problem. But there are other bugs now if 4.0. I will start a new bug report.


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