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Read Me


This is a quick manual for Sengoku-mod by embryodead. For more detailed information and explanation of the mod's features, check "Sengoku Concepts" in the in-game Civilopedia. For credits, scroll to the bottom.


- Starting a new game may take several minutes while the map is populated; afterwards, turn times are pretty fast (seconds)
- Roads cannot be built; existing roads cannot be pillaged
- Roads are not needed for trade (this little detail is essential for good game speed with so many players on the map)
- Techs cannot be traded or stolen; there is tech diffusion however, to help smaller clans
- Each daimyo can have a maximum of 2 Samurai units + 1 per city; there's no limit on Ashigaru units
- "Clan units" are limited to the number of corresponding buildings you control (like in Total War series)
- Ashigaru archers & spearmen are "levy units" - they do not count towards military maintenance (only total maint.)
- Apart from Mangonels & Fire Bomb Throwers, town defenses can be "bombarded" with archers & arquebusiers
- Forts extend cultural borders (3x3 square) and can be captured
- Great People can no longer trigger a Golden Age; instead, each has at least one special building it can build or rush
- Great People can no longer join a city; instead, the provide the free GP bonus while the GP unit stays in the city
- Shinobi & Courtesan units can perform extra Assassination, Sabotage Unit & Tarnish Reputation missions


- Trade Agreement: enables trade between cities
- Military Access: right-of-passage for military units
- Alliance: like defensive pact, but isn't broken by war declaration; breaking an alliance reduces honor greatly
- Exchange Hostages: non-aggression pact lasting exactly 5 years; breaking it before that period reduces honor greatly; each player can have only one hostage agreement at a time
- Diplomat units provide +1 to Attitude when placed in another daimyo's town; having more than one Diplomat per clan has no effect
- Diplomats can also perform Investigate City espionage mission
- The AI uses diplomats and values alliances and hostage agreements - but there's no guarantee it won't backstab you


- Daimyo is a special unit that represents the actual clan leader; he is always leading the Hatamoto unit (his elite retainers); he can be killed and replaced by another leader
- There is a limited number of heirs available to each clan; the last one is not represented by a Daimyo unit, so that he cannot die
- Generals (Taicho) are Great Generals that do not provide free XP to units; instead they can lead multiple units (armies) and earn their own XP and Promotions
- Both Daimyo and Generals have a chance to survive when defeated in battle; generals who survive also have a chance to betray their lord and join the enemy
- Generals' loyalty depends on their leader's Honor, their own Honor promotion, as well as traits of the lords involved


- Vassal maintenance is reduced to half of normal; with the Sankin Kotai civic, vassal maintenance is reduced to zero
- Whenever you capture a city, you can return it to the original owner as per BTS rules (if he has Military Access) or you can also grant it to any of your vassals or allies
- Some cities can be used to re-create destroyed clans or create completely new vassal clans
- Warlords with the Ambition promotion can be given any fief, which will turn him into a vassal Daimyo; doing this sacrifices control of the Warlord unit

- Religions has a minor role in the mod and spreads automatically
- Christianity enables some buildings and increases the amount of trade opportunities with the Portuguese
- To have Christianity spread in your realm, adopt Foreign Trade and/or Tolerance civics, and build Harbors
- To slowly get rid of non-state religions, adopt the Persecution civic


- Espionage Points are now global, so you don't have to worry about managing them between a few dozen players
- There are three new missions to make Espionage a useful tool: Assassination, Sabotage Unit and Tarnish Reputation
- Note that all Espionage missions target the plot owner, therefore it is not possible to sabotage or assassinate enemy units that are outside of their cultural borders


- Each player has Fame and Honor that goes up and down depending on his actions, decisions and random events
- Fame increases with conquests and polarizes other players towards you; as a famous conqueror you will attract some players, while others will dislike you
- Honor has an effect on diplomacy and loyalty of your generals
- You can see your Fame & Honor in the Clan Advisor screen


Legitimacy score depends primarily on your total Land and Population. Controlling 50% of Japan and 50% of all Population would normally give the score of 100 required to win the game. However, Legitimacy can be boosted in various ways, so that you don't necessarily have to conquer that much territory to win. Notable ways to increase Legitimacy is capturing Kyoto, having high Honor, building Monasteries and Temples, and having many vassals, who add their Legitimacy to your own.


The game is won by the player who becomes accepted as the new Shogun. In order to claim this title, you need to make sure the Ashikaga clan is destroyed, and attain 100 Legitimacy. Be aware that as you are approaching the magic number, other clans will try to form a large alliance to stop you. 


You can access Clan Advisor through the icon in top left corner of the screen (next to turn log), or by pressing Shift-F7. Clan Advisor shows your Clan Leader, Heir, Fame, Honor and Legitimacy, as well as the list of all your Retainers (Generals) and Ronin for hire.


SHIFT-F7 = Clan Advisor
CTRL-SHIFT-X = Autoplay


embryodead - mod design & development, map, unit art
Bakuel, Danrell, SaibotLieh, Walter Hawkwood, zenspiderz, chuggi - unit art
Tsuyoshi Nagano / KOEI - leader portraits, general buttons, event pics from Nobunaga's Ambition & Taikou Risshiden series
Shogun 2: Total War - some quest texts and sounds
ColdFever - Blue Marble terrain
The History of the Three Kingdoms Team - the CAR mod, some C++ & Python code, graphics, ideas, particularly for heroes & legions
jdog5000 et al - parts of Unofficial BTS Patch & Better BTS AI modcomps
Sephi - BTS on Speed modcomp
Moctezuma - Influence Driven War modcomp (currently disabled for performance reasons)
TSheep, glider1, LordTirian - Super Spies modcomp
Red Key - Super Forts modcomp
Afforess - parts of Ruthless AI modcomp
Karadoc - parts of K-Mod
12monkeys, BUG Team, HoTK Team - Plot List Enhancements
Fall From Heaven 2 Team, RevDCM Team, Rhye, 3Miro - some C++ code
Emmanuel Martin aka themanuneed - some Sengoku UI sounds
2phunkey4u, AbsintheRed, Folket, Isabelxxx, Osakasayama, PinkPallin, Tigranes, The Turk and others at CFC - testing & ideas