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SELinux Policy Editor 2.1.0

I would like to announce SELinux Policy Editor(SEEdit) 2.1.0 is released.
SEEdit is a tool that makes SELinux easy.
It supports Fedora Core 6 and Cent OS4.

* Changes from 2.0:
- Merged to Fedora CVS
You can get seedit more easily for Fedora!
- Improved rpm package
- Thanks to reviewers in Fedora bugzilla
- New icons
- Improved performance of policy generation tool
- Created new button "guess policy"... read more

Posted by Yuichi Nakamura 2007-02-26

SELinux Policy Editor 2.0 Released

SELinux Policy Editor(seedit) is a tool to make SELinux easy. It is composed of Simplified Policy and its tools. The main feature is Simplified Policy. Simplified Policy hides detail of SELinux.

I am glad to announce that SELinux Policy Editor 2.0(seedit 2.0) has been released. We have renewed the tool. Almost everything have been changed. Policy generator and new GUI are developed, and many others. You can download and try it from ... read more

Posted by Yuichi Nakamura 2006-07-07

Version1.2.0 released

Posted by Yuichi Nakamura 2005-09-02

Version 1.0 released

- Updated for Fedora Core 4 and 3.
- Separated GUI and simplified policy.
- Simplified Policy now works without GUI
- Removed distribution dependent codes.
- Created RPM packages.
- Updated documents.
How to install look at

Posted by Yuichi Nakamura 2005-07-18