Precompilation and -faltivec

Ben Fowler
  • Ben Fowler

    Ben Fowler - 2005-11-05

    I suggest, to make best use of precompilation, that if
    one of the projects needs -faltivec, then all are given


    • Mark Pazolli

      Mark Pazolli - 2005-11-06

      Hi Ben,

      The "-faltivec" is used for attaching the AltiVec framework when compiling - there is no need for it if there is no AltiVec code and previously there seems to have been some problems with having the framework attached when running Seashore on non-AltiVec machines. After taking a lot of criticism, the project (as of 0.1.8) isolates the AltiVec code to a single plug-in compositor CompositorAV forgoing optimizations that could be made elsewhere. It's not all bad news though, this change will smooth the transistion to Intel as now we can just implement CompositorSSE for the Intel chips.

      Hope this helps,

      P.S. After writing the above I recall a situation with old versions of Mac OS X that required you precompiled the Cocoa framework depending upon whether you were using "-faltivec". To overcome this problem feel free to enable or disable "-faltivec" on all your projects locally (just don't submit to the CVS). I think this problem might also be relieved by switching to XCode.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It is not so much linking with the framework that is important,
      but the fact that in the 'Development Settings' for the
      Seashore pbproj, -faltivec has been added to the CFLAGS.

      All I am suggesting is that that projects that are being built
      at the same time should have the same settings. so that
      we don't have to redo precompilation between builds.

      If only a small part of Seashore uses altivec (a little
      surprising ...) then it would be best have this option removed
      from all other projects, and take the hit of Apple precompiled
      headers not being used on just that part (I think).

      • Mark Pazolli

        Mark Pazolli - 2005-11-06


        I probably didn't make it clear in the last post but with the latest CVS version of Seashore you can remove the "-faltivec" option from all projects except the CompositorAV project and, if you want, you can just omit that from the compilation altogether. Either way, Seashore should behave pretty much the same (except it'll be a little faster on a G4/G5 with the CompositorAV plug-in).


        • Nobody/Anonymous


          I will certainly do that. I haven't found out how to work
          with plug-ins anyhow.


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