How do you move text around in a layer?

  • nestman

    nestman - 2011-03-10

    I know this seems like a dumb question, but it's not obvious to me how I select some text in one of my layers to move it around.  Every time I double click on the text, to highlight it like I would in a word processor, Seashore inserts another copy of the text.  This is frustrating.  Any general purpose tutorial with this new version of Seashore??

  • ChrisR

    ChrisR - 2011-03-10

    The way Seashore handles text is WEIRD!

    What you have to do is use the Text cursor not to drag out a text box (like you would in other editors), but simply position where you want to start typing. After you've added the text, clicking it duplicates what you last typed (I don't understand the reasoning behind that).

    The only way around this I've found, is to accept you can't amend text once you've added it. What you need to do is create a new layer, select T for text, and you will get a text box with what you last typed - use the Change font, Move / Modify text, buttons to get it how you want it, then once it's how you want, click Add or Finished. Then delete the text layer below it (the original one).

    If there's an easier or better way to do it, I'd love to know. Right now, I think the Text function is counter-intuitive. The only way to protect yourself is to create a new Layer each time you want to work with Text.

  • ChrisR

    ChrisR - 2011-03-10

    Sorry - just to avoid confusion :

    When I said "text box" in the first paragraph, I meant a 'text frame' like you get in Photoshop, into which you can type after setting font etc. Later on, you can click that frame in PSP, edit the text text, move the frame around, resize it, etc etc.

    When I said "text box" in the second paragraph, I meant the Seashore semi-transparent window into which you start typing (the actual text appears in the image itself, but the Seashore text 'window' is always in the same place, i.e. just below the menu bar : what you type in there is controlled by various buttons like Change Font, Move, Modify Text etc, but they CHANGE THE TEXT ON THE IMAGE, not what you're typing in the window. It's really really confusing)

  • Stephen Siciliano

    Unfortunately, there's no easy way around this. This is because the text is part of the image once you've typed it. Think of text as a specially shaped brush that you're painting onto the image. Photoshop and other editors do something special where they have both vector and bitmap layers. That's why you can do shapes and bezier paths and all that in photoshop. However, seashore only has bitmap layers, so when you put text down you're painting directly into that layer.

    It would take a lot of time to build vector layers into seashore, so we don't have them right now.

  • ChrisR

    ChrisR - 2011-03-21

    Oh that explains it! Now I understand why it's like it is.

    I think Text is fine once you understand how it works, but  I do have one suggestion : when a user clicks the T button, Seashore could automatically create a new layer specially for the text? Then you're 'painting' into an empty layer. You could add a duplicate layer & delete the original if you need to make changes. Changing text that is painted directly into an image layer would be just about impossible otherwise.


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