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Seahorse 0.6.2 and 0.7.0 released

0.6.2 will be included in GNOME 5th Toe and mainly contains updated translations

0.7.0 is a development release with many new features, but translations are probably incomplete

Posted by Jacob Perkins 2003-02-10

Seahorse 0.6.1 released

See Notes and ChangeLog for info.

Posted by Jacob Perkins 2003-02-01

Seahorse 0.6.0 released

Seahorse branches have been consolodated (this is the end of having a separate seahorse2 branch). Many code cleanups and packages updates have occured since seahorse2-0.4.4. This also marks the beginning of stable and development releases based on minor versions.

0.7.0 should be released in a week or 2.

Posted by Jacob Perkins 2003-01-23

Site updates

CVS and tracker have been removed.
An html conversion of the docbook help manual has been posted to the docs section.
New screenshots are available on the homepage.

Posted by Jacob Perkins 2003-01-17

Gnome migration: bugzilla

Bugs and patches should now be submitted to Feature requests can still be submitted here.

Posted by Jacob Perkins 2003-01-10

Pending release: website updates round 1

Updated most pages on the homepage for the pending release of 0.6.0. Added more links and information, but more will be necessary as release approaches.

Posted by Jacob Perkins 2003-01-08

Gnome migration: CVS

seahorse2 cvs is now moving to gnome cvs. Current cvs will still be available, but will not be actively used until further notice.

Posted by Jacob Perkins 2003-01-08

seahorse2-0.4.0 released

Seahorse is a Gnome front end for GnuPG. It is a tool for secure communications and data storage. Data encryption and digital signature creation can easily be performed through a GUI, and Key Management operations also can be performed. This release just contains minor updates to 0.3.7, but more importantly is the beginning of the move to seahorse-0.6.0. Please use and test and send us any bug reports. Planned features for seahorse-0.6.0 are a file manager, basic key editing, and support for key servers.

Posted by Jacob Perkins 2002-12-07

New website design

New homepage design. Please feel free to post comments about what you think.

Posted by Jacob Perkins 2002-10-09

Seahorse status (move to 1.0.0)

Seahorse is currently moving towards a 1.0.0 release, which I hope will happen by the end of november. Since there so much that needs to be done, much which does not relate to feature enhancement, there will probably be no new releases until then. If you'd like to help out and expedite the release, please check out the task list (most are assigned to me, jap1, but I'd be happy to reassign them to a new member).

Posted by Jacob Perkins 2002-10-02


Package updates, should now configure, make, and install correctly (providing have the correct libraries).

Posted by Jacob Perkins 2002-09-06


seahorse2-0.2.1 has been uploaded. It uses gtk2/gnome2 for the gui and gpgme for the backend. Please check it out and subscribe to seahorse-devel if you'd like to help out.

Posted by Jacob Perkins 2002-09-04

Seahorse 0.5.0 released

After a lot of work, Seahorse 0.5.0 has just been released.
The major change is the new Keymanager. Also a lot of bugs have been fixed.
I hope you enjoy this.

Posted by Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo 2001-02-19

Seahorse 0.4.8 Released

I would like to announce the release of Seahorse 0.4.8. This
release has some new functions, a new translation and some

* Czech translation.

* Added support for deleting UIDs to the Key Manager.

* Added a patch to the debian rules file.

* Added an option to set the default key used for signing. (it can
be set through the preferences dialog and will override the
default key setting in the .gnupg/options file)... read more

Posted by Anthony E. Mulcahy 2000-06-13

Seahorse 0.4.5 Released

Drag and drop support has been added - files can be dropped on the text area, encrypt and decrypt buttons and file name entries on the encrypt and decrypt dialogs. An "Add UID" option and several other improvements were made to the Key Manager. Solaris support, Swedish and French translations and more command line options were also added.

Posted by Anthony E. Mulcahy 2000-05-07

Seahorse 0.4.0 Released

This is the first release since Seahorse moved to SourceForge's CVS and it has a lot of changes: Danish, Finnish and German translations, command line options, caching of the public and secret keyrings to speed up the display, improvements to the GUI, Gnome Help support, improvements to the key manager including support for editing the owner trust value.

The command line options enable integration of Seahorse with email software and the distribution includes an example file showing how to use Seahorse with Mutt. This still needs to be improved so I would like to hear any comments you might have and I would really like to know if anybody succeeds in using Seahorse with any other MUA.

Posted by Anthony E. Mulcahy 2000-04-13

Seahorse 0.3.6 Released

I would like to announce the release of Seahorse 0.3.6, a Gnome GUI for GnuPG.

The main changes are : Further improvements to the Key Manager - signatures can now be deleted and a bug in the secret key ring display code has been fixed. Added an option to encrypt the contents of the text editor. Added a patch which closes all file descriptors before exec'ing a subprocess, fixes a problem in the interface to GnuPG and closes a directory which is opened when Seahorse starts up. Fixed some small problems in Tarballs, Debian packages and rpms can be downloaded from Seahorse has also moved to Two mailing lists have been added: seahorse-announce and seahorse-devel and I hope to have CVS up and running soon.

Posted by Anthony E. Mulcahy 2000-03-06