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sdvplayer / News: Recent posts

sdvplayer-0.15.0 Released

sdvplayer-0.15.0.tar.gz is Released

Major changes are

Finds the installation folder from registry
Configuration files in appdata folder
Added My Documents/sdvplayer/dict/stardict to dictionary folder

added Desktop configuration file

Subtitle timing shift
New Icon for sdvplayer
Improved GUI
Quick help Dialog
Add probe to change aspect ratio
MicroDVD text subtitle support
Drag and drop support
Added configuration file
Debug Logging

Posted by Nikhil K R 2011-05-17

Project Website updated

Posted by Nikhil K R 2011-05-09

Next release: sdvplayer 0.15.0

sdvplayer 0.15.0 is coming with many improvements

Posted by Nikhil K R 2011-04-25


A new simple icon is designed for sdvplayer

Posted by Nikhil K R 2011-03-12

sdvplayer 0.14.1 Released

sdvplayer 0.14.1 Released with

1) Several bugfixes
2) Auto-detects matching srt file

Posted by Nikhil K R 2011-03-05

sdvplayer 0.14.1

sdvplayer 0.14.1 is coming soon with some bug fixes on 0.14.0 and some minor improvements

Posted by Nikhil K R 2011-03-03