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Retro Linux Gaming With Sasteroids

Sasteroids 1.99 represents a major milestone release for the SDL Sasteroids project. This is the first release for public consumption of a sasteroids game since 1994. With this release, users can now play the reworked Sasteroids with new features including: Power ups, new enemies, and several suprises and fortune cookies for old fans. Further, the game now work on Linux-PPC and may be compiled with a modern compilers. ... read more

Posted by Andrew Mulbrook (McCall) 2002-10-23

First Alpha of SDL Sasteroids

This is the first release of SDL Sasteroids. While the game is somewhat playable, there are many features and bugs that need fixing and adding. (Some features that depended on vgalib where removed.)

SDL Sasteroids is a rework of the original Sasteroids game by Brad Pitzel last released in 1994. SDL Sasteroids allows the original Sasteroids game to be played on modern hardware, without vgalib and older versions of gcc. Old fans of the original will find many suprises in addition to the same-old game released years ago.

Posted by Andrew Mulbrook (McCall) 2002-10-08