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Sdedit source code now hosted at github.

The sdedit source code can now be found at http://github.com/sdedit

Posted by Markus Strauch 2015-01-29

Quick Sequence Diagram Editor 3.0 released

Version 3.0 of Quick Sequence Diagram Editor brings considerable improvements of the user interface, along with the ability to store diagram configurations. Last but not least, it is able to export diagrams as PDF files with multiple pages.

Posted by Markus Strauch 2008-02-11

sdedit 2.12: beta version released

Version 2.12 offers an improved user interface and it has the ability to store layout settings along with a diagram's source code.

Posted by Markus Strauch 2007-12-27

sdedit 2.11.10 offers auto-completion

sdedit 2.11.10 offers a nice new feature that increases the editor's usability. If there is a non-empty prefix of a name of an object to the left of the cursor and the tab key or ctrl-shift-space is pressed, the rest of the name will be inserted automatically. If there is more than one object with a name that matches that prefix, one can cycle through them by successive keystrokes.

Posted by Markus Strauch 2007-11-19

sdedit version 2.11 supports broadcast messages

Messages can have multiple receivers, like:


After the message has been received, all callees can proceed on their own thread. Alternatively, one can specify a broadcast signal:


Posted by Markus Strauch 2007-09-25

Version 2.10 released

This new version supports printing through an external program, for instance lpr or Acrobat Reader.

A title and a description to appear at the top of a diagram can be added.

Objects that are flagged with 'x' are destroyed automatically. This might represent garbage collection in Java or automatic objects that disappear from the stack in C++.

Posted by Markus Strauch 2007-09-05