#709 REWORK ASPECT RATIO correction (like DOSBOX)

Engine: SCUMM

Aspect Ratio correction is invalid.. it not fit the screen without stretching like in DOSBOX

best result i got was scale 3x + Aspect Ratio..... but still its too wide

1x, 2x - stretches to whole screen (there should be vertical panorama)
3x - black border around (top and bottom should be fitting edges

there is no possibility to achieve DOSBOX result!

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  • Eugene Sandulenko

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  • Eugene Sandulenko

    It is problem with SDL and youe Windows settings. ScummVM just requests "full screen", and we do not request for stripes or stretching, you videocard driver does that.

  • Thierry Crozat

    Thierry Crozat - 2016-04-29

    To clarify, you probably indeed want to use the Apect Ratio correction in ScummVM. It tells ScummVM to use a resolution of 320x240 instead of 320x200 (the original used 320x200 but had non square pixels, so to get the same aspect ratio on modern monitors we need to use 320x240). So with aspect ratio correction on, ScummVM uses 320x240, or 640x480 (x2 mode) or 960x720 (x3 mode).

    After that it is all up to the graphic card and monitor to add borders or stretch the image to display on the screen the image that ScummVM provides. Most graphic cards have a control panel with a setting controlling letter boxing or stretching. Some monitors also have such a setting.

    Note that using the OpenGL mode (rather than x1, x2 or x3) allows more resolutions and might fit better what your screen can display. You can toggle between resolutions in OpenGL mode with Crtl+Alt and either + or -.

  • s1w

    s1w - 2016-05-09

    Still, best experience with aspect ratio is in dosbox - stretching is not being felt at all in fullscreen.


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