#659 KYRA1: Is it possible to add support for fan-made Rus trans?


Pretty much the subj.

There are several variants of fan-made Russian translations of this game available for download on the Net. It seems that the game have some resources hard-coded inside main EXE file rather than in data files, and it results in some parts of the game (menu labels, intro, e.t.c.) to remain untranslated when playing Russian localized versions under ScummVM.

I've seen some similar feature requests for other languages (like Chezh), so as far as I understand the topic correctly, for fan-made translation to be supported by ScummVM it should be distributed in a form of a binary patch over some existing officially released version. Am I right? What about the case when fan-made translation introduces some new files over the officially released version, is it treated "OK" from legal PoV?

To summarize, in case I've got a fan-made translation on hands, would it be possible to add support for it to ScummVM if I do the following:
a) Redo it as a binary patch over some other officially released game version that is supported by ScummVM;
b) Post this patch somewhere on the net (for ex., on my personal server) and provide ScummVM devs with the download link for it;

Thanks in advance for clarifications.


  • Alexey Loukianov

    • assigned_to: nobody --> lordhoto
  • Johannes Schickel

    If there is a patch file, we might add support for the translation, yes.


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