#28 Suggestion for better highlighting of Race Checker


Imagine the situation when there is a cycle in the specification and that there are two events in race. First event is in the first occurrence of node C and the second event is in the second occurrence of the node C. Currently the race checker highlights both events in one BMSC, even though the race happened in two different instances of this BMSC. This is confusing, because user can think that race is directly in the BMSC and not even look in HMSC, which is one part of design causing this race.
I think it might help to unfold the path in which we found race, make as many instances of BMSCs as reference nodes in the path, and highlights the events in the corresponding BMSCs.


  • Matus  Madzin

    Matus Madzin - 2012-07-17

    The unfolding is good idea but it must consistent wit other race checker outputs.

    The first way is to return an HMSC path with marked events. In the first node one event in the second also one event.

    The second way is to create one bMSC with marked events which represents an behaviour on the HMSC path.
    Additionally it must be clear that the cycle is unfold and I would like to see some "separation line" to show which nodes are connected.

    Please think about the solution and we can discuss it with xrehak.

  • Matus  Madzin

    Matus Madzin - 2012-07-17
    • priority: 5 --> 8
    • assigned_to: nobody --> lkorenciak

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