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scsirastools-1.6.3 is released

The scsirastools-1.6.3 release is posted to sourceforge.
See for source, binaries, docs, etc.

1.6.3 = ARCress updated 05/24/11, released 06/09/11
src/sgdefects.c - change response messages for clarity
src/sgmode.c - change response messages for clarity,
length checking for optarg strings
src/sgdskfl.c - fix bug 3303535 with -d looping, add -d to usage,
change response=d message to 'Download ...',
fix bug 3307773 for -f filename > 20 chars
src/sgdiskmon.c - do not check for dups if -r
doc/sgdskfl.8 - change -n description for clarity
scsirastools-1.6.3 contains:
sgdefects.c ver 1.63
sgdiag.c ver 1.63
sgdiskmon.c ver 1.63
sgdskfl.c ver 1.63
sgmode.c ver 1.63
sgraidmon.c ver 1.63
sgsafte.c ver 1.63

Posted by Andy Cress 2011-06-09

scsirastools-1.6.2 is released

The scsirastools-1.6.2 release is now posted on sourceforge.
See for source, binaries and documentation.

1.6.2 = updated 12/09/10, released 12/13/10
src/sgmode.c - add -s to turn off SMART, fixup for -o if no block desc
src/sgdiskmon.c - if sernum is zero length, do not mark as failed
doc/sgmode.8 - added -s, -w, -o, -I descriptions to man page
doc/UserGuide - updated sgmode section
scsirastools-1.6.2 contains:
sgdefects.c ver 1.62
sgdiag.c ver 1.62
sgdiskmon.c ver 1.62
sgdskfl.c ver 1.62
sgmode.c ver 1.62
sgraidmon.c ver 1.62
sgsafte.c ver 1.62

Posted by Andy Cress 2010-12-13

scsirastools-1.6.1 is released

The scsirastools-1.6.1 has been released to sourceforge.
See for source, binaries, etc.
Includes one bug fix and a change to add -a for sgdskfl.

1.6.1 = updated 06/25/10, released 06/25/10
src/sgdskfl.c - patch from Josef Moellers to fix bad free for more than
one disk download (bug 3016442).
added -a option to auto-download any devices with *.lod
files in /usr/share/scsirastools/.
src/sgcommon.c - added get_nextdev() for -a
src/sgcommon.h - added get_nextdev() for -a
doc/sgdskfl.8 - changes for -a
scsirastools-1.6.1 contains:
sgdefects.c ver 1.61
sgdiag.c ver 1.61
sgdiskmon.c ver 1.61
sgdskfl.c ver 1.61
sgmode.c ver 1.61
sgraidmon.c ver 1.61
sgsafte.c ver 1.61

Posted by Andy Cress 2010-06-25

scsirastools-1.6.0 is released

1.6.0 = updated 10/14/09, released 10/14/09
The default of each utility is no longer interactive.
src/sgdefects.c - added -I for interactive mode
src/sgdiag.c - added -I for interactive mode
src/sgdskfl.c - added -I for interactive mode,
added -s option to specify chunk size
src/sgmode.c - added -I for interactive mode
doc/scsirastools.spec - updated header fields,
use %buildroot instead of $RPM_BUILD_ROOT,
added map3147n.mdf, st318406.mdf, st336605.mdf,
st336607.mdf, st373405.mdf
scsirastools-1.6.0 contains:
sgdefects.c ver 1.60
sgdiag.c ver 1.60
sgdiskmon.c ver 1.60
sgdskfl.c ver 1.60
sgmode.c ver 1.60
sgraidmon.c ver 1.60
sgsafte.c ver 1.60

Posted by Andy Cress 2009-10-14

scsirastools-1.5.8 is released

See for rpms and more info.
Changes for scsirastools-1.5.8:
1.5.8 = released 08/22/08, updated 08/12/08
src/sgmode.c - fixed infinite loop with -a if device not found
src/sg*.c - move to dump_buf/dump_log instead of dumpbufr
scsirastools-1.5.8 contains:
sgdefects.c ver 1.13
sgdiag.c ver 1.20
sgdiskmon.c ver 1.7
sgdskfl.c ver 1.16
sgmode.c ver 1.18
sgraidmon.c ver 1.36
sgsafte.c ver 1.27

Posted by Andy Cress 2008-08-22

scsirastools-1.5.7 is released

See for rpms, etc.
This version fixes a few minor bugs, esp. when running on read-only filesystems, and
one bug in sgmode when interpreting bogus mode pages returned by some raid devices.


1.5.7 = released 07/23/08, updated 07/23/08
src/sgdiag.c - fixed error with -f option to do unattended format
src/sgcommon.c - added showlog(), cleanup of fdlog
src/sgcommon.h - added showlog(), dump_buf()
src/sgsub.c - make dumpbuf() static
src/sgmode.c - fixed segfault if bogus mode pages returned,
replace fprintf(fdlog) with showlog(), dump_buf().
src/sg*.c - use showlog() throughout for safety
files/st373455.mdf - new, for ST373455 disks
doc/sgmode.8 - refer to UserGuide 3.1 for mdf files
doc/UserGuide - set mdf info 1c 0a 88 00 to make sure SMART+MRIE=off
scsirastools-1.5.7 contains:
sgdefects.c ver 1.12
sgdiag.c ver 1.19
sgdiskmon.c ver 1.6
sgdskfl.c ver 1.15
sgmode.c ver 1.17
sgraidmon.c ver 1.35
sgsafte.c ver 1.26

Posted by Andy Cress 2008-07-23

scsirastools-1.5.6 is released

The scsirastools-1.5.6 release is now on See for rpms, etc.

1.5.6 = released 11/13/07, updated 09/12/07
src/sgsubmon.c - added new find_blockdev for 2.6.16 sysfs
src/sgsubmon.h - added find_blockdev
src/sgdiskmon.c - added find_blockdev
src/sgraidmon.c - added find_blockdev
src/sgsubmon.c - if sysfs, clear devname if not found
src/sgdiskmon.c - handle /dev/sg gaps
src/sgraidmon.c - handle /dev/sg gaps
scsirastools-1.5.6 contains:
sgdefects.c ver 1.11
sgdiag.c ver 1.18
sgdiskmon.c ver 1.4
sgdskfl.c ver 1.14
sgmode.c ver 1.16
sgraidmon.c ver 1.33
sgsafte.c ver 1.25

Posted by Andy Cress 2007-11-13

scsirastools-1.5.5 is released

1.5.5 = released 08/06/07, updated 08/06/07
src/sgdiag.c - added -f option to format without prompts
src/sgmode.c - added -w to set write cache separately
scsirastools-1.5.5 contains:
sgdefects.c ver 1.10
sgdiag.c ver 1.17
sgdiskmon.c ver 1.3
sgdskfl.c ver 1.13
sgmode.c ver 1.15
sgraidmon.c ver 1.32
sgsafte.c ver 1.24

Posted by Andy Cress 2007-08-08

scsirastools-1.5.4 is released

The scsirastools-1.5.4 release is now posted to sourceforge. See for rpms, etc.

1.5.4 = released 04/16/07, updated 04/16/07
src/sgsubmon.c - handle SES enclosure LED controls
files/alarms - new version with alarms -d option for enclosure
files/sgevt - invoke alarms -d
files/mdevt - invoke alarms -d
scsirastools-1.5.4 contains:
sgdefects.c ver 1.9
sgdiag.c ver 1.16
sgdiskmon.c ver 1.2
sgdskfl.c ver 1.12
sgmode.c ver 1.13
sgraidmon.c ver 1.31
sgsafte.c ver 1.23

Posted by Andy Cress 2007-04-23

scsirastools-1.5.3 is released

The scsirastools-1.5.3 release is now posted on sourceforge. SES-2 support has been added.
See for rpms, etc.

1.5.3 = released 04/13/07, updated 04/13/07
src/sgdiskmon.c - handle SES enclosure slot statuses, cleanup
src/sgraidmon.c - handle SES enclosure slot statuses
src/sgsafte.c - handle SES enclosure slot statuses
src/sgsubmon.c - handle SES enclosure slot statuses
src/ - allow make sgerr
src/sgerr.c - added TEST flag to build separate sgerr utility
files/sgevt - fixed lines 128,131 for alarms
changed disklist to use /proc/partitions instead of fdisk
files/mdevt - changed disklist to use /proc/partitions instead of fdisk
doc/sgsafte.8 - new file
scsirastools-1.5.3 contains:
sgdefects.c ver 1.8
sgdiag.c ver 1.15
sgdiskmon.c ver 1.1
sgdskfl.c ver 1.11
sgmode.c ver 1.12
sgraidmon.c ver 1.30
sgsafte.c ver 1.22

Posted by Andy Cress 2007-04-13

scsirastools-1.5.2 is released

The scsirastools-1.5.2 release is posted on sourceforge. See for rpms, etc.

1.5.2 = released 03/15/07, updated 03/14/07
src/sgdiskmon.c - fprintf error checking in add/rem_scsi_dev,
Fix Fujitsu disk fw bug with inquiry len of 41,
allow Encl devtype==13
fix matching dev to a proc in write_slots
src/sgraidmon.c - Fix Fujitsu disk fw bug with inquiry len of 41,
allow Encl devtype==13
fix matching dev to a proc in write_slots
src/sgsafte.c - Fix Fujitsu disk fw bug with inquiry len of 41,
allow Encl devtype==13
fix matching dev to a proc in write_slots
src/sgcommon.c - Fix Fujitsu disk fw bug with inquiry len of 41.
scsirastools-1.5.2 contains:
sgdefects.c ver 1.7
sgdiag.c ver 1.14
sgdiskmon.c ver 1.0
sgdskfl.c ver 1.10
sgmode.c ver 1.11
sgraidmon.c ver 1.29
sgsafte.c ver 1.21

Posted by Andy Cress 2007-03-15

scsirastools-1.5.1 is released

The scsirastools-1.5.1 release is now available, which contains several bug fixes.

See for rpms, etc.

1.5.1 = released 02/09/07, updated 02/07/07
src/sgdskfl.c - fix seg fault if stale dbgout, add -i option,
fix to correct sdname
src/sgraidmon.c - fix to correct sdname
src/sgdiskmon.c - sense_err mods, fix to correct sdname
src/sgcommon.c - more debug code, added get_dev_maj_min, find_mmdev
src/sgcommon.h - add maj, min to DEVLIST structure
src/sgsub.c - additional protection for dbgout in write_buffer
doc/sgdskfl.8 - more explanation of option -r usage
scsirastools-1.5.1 contains:
sgdefects.c: 1.6
sgdiag.c: 1.13
sgdiskmon.c: 0.6
sgdskfl.c: 1.9
sgmode.c: 1.10
sgraidmon.c: 1.28
sgsafte.c: 1.20

Posted by Andy Cress 2007-02-09

scsirastools-1.5.0 is released

scsirastools-1.5.0 adds a new sgdiskmon.c tool, and adds the -i option to allow specifying a given single disk.

Detailed changes:
1.5.0 = released 01/23/07, updated 01/04/07
src/sg*.c - added -i option for one disk
src/sgdiskmon.c - new
files/sgraid - added modprobe sg
files/sgdisk - new
files/sgevt - new
files/ - new
doc/sgdiskmon.8 - new
doc/scsirastools.spec - added sgdiskmon
scsirastools-1.5.0 contains:
sgraidmon.c: 1.28
sgdiskmon.c: 0.5
sgdefects.c: 1.6
sgdiag.c: 1.13
sgdskfl.c: 1.8
sgmode.c: 1.10
sgsafte.c: 1.20

Posted by Andy Cress 2007-01-23

scsirastools-1.4.16 is released

The scsirastools-1.4.16 package is now released.
It contains a fix for bug 1281273 and some enhancements.

Note especially that sample snmptrap logic was added to mdevt/sgraidmon to send SNMP traps if a disk event occurs. This is turned off by default, but can be enabled by entering the SNMP destination IP address and turning on the dosnmptrap flag. It uses OIDs from Adaptec's iommib.mib, but this can also be changed to customize the traps. See the /sbin/mdevt script for more details.... read more

Posted by Andy Cress 2005-09-07

scsirastools-1.4.15 is released

A new scsirastools-1.4.15 version has been released.
The changes are due to input from Nate Dailey.
Fixes a bug for more than 32 devices.
The max number of devices is now defined in sgcommon.h and defaults to 128, and could be increased for users in large configurations.

1.4.15 = released 05/11/05, updated 05/11/05
src/sgdefects.c included patch for larger devlist from Nate Dailey
src/sgdskfl.c included patch for larger devlist from Nate Dailey
src/sgmode.c included patch for larger devlist from Nate Dailey
src/sgdiag.c included patch for larger devlist from Nate Dailey
src/sgcommon.c included patch for more dev types from Nate Dailey
src/sgcommon.h added MAX_SG_DEVS and MAX_DEVLIST_DEVS

Posted by Andy Cress 2005-05-11

scsirastools-1.4.14 is released

scsirastools-1.4.14 is now available on

This release was to fix bug 1167994 wrt the Makefiles.
1.4.14 = released 04/27/05, updated 04/27/05
doc/ new, for automake extensions
files/ new, for automake extensions
mdadm.d/ new, for automake extensions update for doc/Makefile, files/Makefile

Posted by Andy Cress 2005-04-29

scsirastools-1.4.13 is released

A new scsirastools-1.4.13 tarball and rpms have been released at

This fixes a bug in the sgraid start script, which was introduced in 1.4.11 (Sorry).

1.4.13 = released 02/10/05, updated 02/10/05
sgraid fixed bug in start (from 1.4.11), thought already started Fixed make tarball to do 'make distclean', not distclean-am.

Posted by Andy Cress 2005-02-10

scsirastools-1.4.12 is released

1.4.12 = released 02/04/05, updated 02/02/05
doc/Makefile changes for /usr/share/man
doc/scsirastools.spec changes for /usr/share/man, change for rpm -U

Posted by Andy Cress 2005-02-04

scsirastools 1.4.11 is released

A new version 1.4.11 of SCSI RAS Tools has been released.

The changes since 1.4.9 are:
1.4.10 = released 11/10/04, updated 08/03/04
sgraidmon v1.25 if sense 2:4:1, try start_unit before device_reset,
also check more conditions in safte_inserted
sgraidmon v1.26 write to log in quit() before exiting
1.4.11 = released 02/02/05, updated 01/31/05
sgmode v1.9 added decodemodebuf to decode certain mode pages
sgraid modified startup script for SuSE, /var/lock file.

Posted by Andy Cress 2005-02-02

scsirastools 1.4.8 is released

A new version 1.4.8 of scsirastools has now been released. The changes are listed below.

1.4.8 = update 06/10/04
doc/UserGuide added more about customizing /sbin/mdevt
doc/sgraidmon.8 added more about mdevt and mdevents log
files/mdevt check for alarm cmd error if no IPMI driver
doc/scsirastools.spec show message about 'sgraid start' at postinstall

Posted by Andy Cress 2004-06-10

scsirastools 1.4.7 is released

There is a new scsirastools version 1.4.7 released on sourceforge now. Only one functional change was made, to move the location of the sgraid
script from /etc/rc.d/init.d to /etc/init.d for better LSB compliance.

See for the latest tarball and rpms.

Andy Cress

Posted by Andy Cress 2004-05-17

scsirastools 1.4.5 is released

I have released scsirastools 1.4.5 today, the detailed change list is below.
The purpose was to support setting the disk fault LED on a new platform that
did not have SAF-TE support. A separate tool (borrowed from is
included to do this.


1.4.5 = update 02/22/04
files/sgraid: added chkconfig enabling
files/alarms: added tool for setting disk fault LEDs on mBMC platforms
files/Makefile: added alarms tool
doc/scsirastools.spec added alarms tool
doc/UserGuide added info about alarms tool

Posted by Andy Cress 2004-02-24

scsirastools 1.4.2 released

This version of scsirastools adds some new logic to sgraidmon after testing with SuSE/UL 1.0 SP3 (Beta2).
It also incorporates the block size changes to sgmode that were discussed on the scsi mailing list.

1.4.2 = update 09/25/03
- src/sgmode.c: adjust format dev page if block size changes (based loosely on code from Grant Grundler)
- src/sgraidmon 1.20: in getmd, change return from errno to -2, and
add debug log if no raidtab,
added islast in mdstat to check if dev is last in raid.
- src/sgsafte.c: added this util for safte testing, not included in rpm
- files/mdevt: handle if grub/menu.lst and not grub/grub.conf
- mdadm.d/Makefile updated from mdadm ver 1.0.1 to 1.3.0
- mdadm.d/mdadm-1.3.0.tgz added new version archive

Posted by Andy Cress 2003-09-29

scsirastools 1.4.1 changes

Testing with more devices showed the need for additional handling of 12-byte serial numbers.

Also, the recent release of RH AS 2.1 Update2 contains 2.4.9-e.24 kernel, but does not yet include the two patches listed for AS2.1 from this site, which are needed to support hotswap disks in a software raid configuration.

1.4.1 = update 05/08/03
- src/sgraidmon.c: more logic for 12-byte serial numbers
- src/sgcommon.c: more logic for 12-byte serial numbers
- kern/2.4.9-e.3/raid_iter.patch: added for AS2.1, subset of raid_null.patch

Posted by Andy Cress 2003-06-10

scsirastools 1.4.0 released

scsirastools 1.4.0 = update 04/10/03
- src/getmd.c: use errno.h instead of extern int errno;
- src/sgcommon.c: detect DEVFS with /dev/scsi/host0 instead of just /dev/scsi
- src/sgraidmon.c: detect DEVFS with /dev/scsi/host0 instead of just /dev/scsi
- files/sgraid: detect DEVFS with /dev/scsi/host0 also

Posted by Andy Cress 2003-04-10