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Posted by Richard Sutherland 2007-03-11

Release 1.04 is ready

A new program named ScriptAllDBs.exe has been added to the
project. The program is a simple wrapper which calls
ScriptDB.exe for each non-system database in the specfied

Among the improvements in Release 1.04 are:
a. Files are now ASCII, not Unicode.
b. Scripting permissions for SQL Server 2000 databases
has been changed. SQL-SMO was scripting table and
view permissions at the column level, even when they
were granted at the table/view level. This has been
corrected by custom coding the permissions on tables
and views.... read more

Posted by Richard Sutherland 2007-03-10

ScriptTable.exe added to the project

Release 1.03 adds a new program called ScriptTable.exe.

Many developers use tools such as SQL Server Management
Studio, Enterprise Manager, ERWin or even Visio to create
a new table. None of these tools, however, offer a way to
script out the table into its individual components in the
manner provided by this project [which is the same way the
Data Dude scripts them].

Therefore, ScriptTable.exe has been added to the project
to fill this void.

Posted by Richard Sutherland 2007-03-03

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