#18 CVS not working with Screem


When I run "cvs checkout mysite" or similar from the
command line it works fine, but when I try to do the
same from within screem it doesn't. It brings up a
window which says "Log message" and "Extra CVS Flags",
but when I press OK nothing happens, although it shows
me no errors. Is there some way to debug what is going
wrong here?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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  • David A Knight

    David A Knight - 2002-07-29

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    I'm not sure what could be wrong here.
    I'm presuming this is with the release version.

    If you enter a cvs root string in the dialog which appears
    after clicking on checkout site then the following command
    is executed:

    "cvs -d root_from_dialog -z3 checkout extra_flags module_name"

    if no cvs root is entered in the dialog

    "cvs -z3 checkout extra_flags module_name"

    which of course is essentially just what you say runs from
    the command line without a problem, so you obviously have
    $CVSROOT set

  • David A Knight

    David A Knight - 2002-07-29
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  • Jeremy Malcolm

    Jeremy Malcolm - 2002-07-30

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    (Sourceforge lets me log in now. :-) Thanks for your help.
    I'm running 0.4.1

    The problem is now half-fixed. The half that is fixed is
    because I am stupid - I did not put a proper root string in
    the Site Settings Dialog. So now, checkout is working fine.
    My current root string is
    :ext:terminus@zen:/usr/local/cvsroot which is the same one I
    have in my bash profile.

    However, commit site and commit page are not working, even
    after I have only just checked out the site and made a
    change. How does commit know what module to commit to, by
    the way? Is that maybe why it is failing?

  • David A Knight

    David A Knight - 2002-08-04

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    again I've got no idea why it won't be working. As it just
    execs cvs itself it knows the module, and repository to
    commit to by the data contained in the CVS folder (it
    chdirs to the correct directory before commiting)


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