#16 How do you use screem help functions?


Hi, I'm very new to all this computing stuff. I've been
trying to create a web page with screem 0.3.0 on Linux
Mandrake 7.2.

I'm not sure if I'm entering the right stuff in the
right boxes with the site druid.

remember, I'm new so be merciful.

What is or rather should be entered for
*Site Name
*Site Pathname
*Base URI of site

I have managed to create my web page using netscape
composer. It just bugs me that I have this cool looking
application that I don't know how to use


  • David A Knight

    David A Knight - 2001-07-08
    • assigned_to: nobody --> davek
  • David A Knight

    David A Knight - 2001-07-08

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    Site Name is anything, just a name that your site will be
    known by.

    Site Pathname is the path on your machine where it is kept,
    eg /home/david/mysite

    Hostname is the server where you upload your pages to
    eg ftp.homepages.demon.co.uk

    Remotepath is the pathname on that server, eg

    BaseURI is the address your can view your site at
    eg http://www.ritter.demon.co.uk/

    Site name and pathname are required, the others are only
    important if you are going to be uploading via screem's
    upload wizard.

  • David A Knight

    David A Knight - 2003-02-13

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    closing, this information can be found in the documentation
    for screem, which is accessible via the Help menu in 0.6.0.

    Also this request is very old and was answered.

  • David A Knight

    David A Knight - 2003-02-13
    • status: open --> closed

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