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Back from the Sunny Shores.

Release Notes v7.4.0.1

Many minor corrections. Added Mystery Cultist, More Boons, Alternative Class Favored Class Bonuses, More Buffs, and some missing Archetypes.


Posted by thebluecanary 2014-08-07

Crossing the Line

Release Notes sp v0.11.0.0

Metamagic Feat Options. Sorcerer and Wizard Elemental Adjustment. Spell Card improvements. Major change to Cross Class spell option. For Classes that select new spells each level, and those spells are not on their normal list, (Looking at the Hexcrafter Magus), spells added to the Cross Class spell tab can be added as a selection option on their spell tab. Once spells are added to the Cross Class Spell tab, return to your normal spell selection tab, (Magus Spells), and use the 'Rebuild' button. The new spells will be added to the bottom of the list.... read more

Posted by thebluecanary 2014-08-06

Another Year Done.

Release Notes v7.3.0.0

Alternative Race changes. Evangelist and Gestalt options added.


Posted by thebluecanary 2014-07-11

Holiday and 3 years of Updates.

Release Notes v7.2.0.2

Added Dungeoneer's Handbook material. Lots of requested items added, and fixes done.


Posted by thebluecanary 2014-07-03

Powered by Fire and Ice

Release Notes sp v0.11.0.0

Added options for Bonus CL for element spells. Minor spell text adjust, and small bug fixes.


Posted by thebluecanary 2014-07-02

Fire, Acid, and Smoke OH MY!

Release Notes v7.1.0.0

Several minor corrects, Vital Strike, and updated races for 'Young' rules. Also added option for Alchemist Bomb discovery effects to weapons tab.


Posted by thebluecanary 2014-06-23

We have the Source.

Release Notes v7.0.0.0

Added multiple sources, archetypes, feats, traits, and a handful of bug fixes and requests.


Posted by thebluecanary 2014-05-12

Stuff. I do things.

Release Notes v6.23.0.0

Lots of minor bug fixes. A few new traits, and a single magic item.


Posted by thebluecanary 2014-05-01

Odd Options

Release Notes v6.22.0.0

Minor corrections. Total file rebuild. Crash Test Save option for trying out new crash options.


Posted by thebluecanary 2014-04-09

Life. Don't talk to me About Life.

Release Notes sp v0.10.0.0

Trying to get back into things. Here is a small Spell Sheet Update. Minor display issues, and prestige class adjustments.


Posted by thebluecanary 2014-04-02

Back on Track

Posted by thebluecanary 2014-01-31

Boxing Day

Posted by thebluecanary 2013-12-26

Up and Down. Fast and Slow.

Release Notes v6.19.0.0

Working on getting that load/save speeds set to a better range. I've added an option that any tab you have marked as "hidden" or "do not show" will not be saved, excluding Level and Specific. Specifically I have changed how Feats, Specific, and Source Books save. You may or may not have issues with these on a load from an earlier version.... read more

Posted by thebluecanary 2013-12-12

The Story of my Nemisis

Release Notes v6.18.0.1

More and more traits. Added Story Feats. Added new options for speeding up load/save.


Posted by thebluecanary 2013-11-14

Drawbacks are not so bad.

Release Notes v6.16.0.2

More and more traits. And now, Drawbacks. Enjoy.


Posted by thebluecanary 2013-11-09

No Tricks. Wet Treats.

Release Notes v6.16.0.2

Happy Candy Hangover day!. Added some missing sources, and missing combat traits.


Posted by thebluecanary 2013-11-01

Lost in Transition.

Sorry for the lack of updates, we are in the process of moving offices, and end of month is the WORST for me at work. So I am behind on everything. Throw into the mix me having to help my mother move, and working on my Halloween costume, things are just a mad house at home.

Posted by thebluecanary 2013-10-29

Little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Release Notes v6.15.0.0

Added Wrath of the Righteous to Source list. Moved some tabs around, corrected a few bugs, and fix some formatting issues.


Posted by thebluecanary 2013-10-11

More then meets the eye.

Release Notes v6.14.0.0

Corrections. Added Animal Companions to the Stat Block, and added Transformation to the buffs list.


Posted by thebluecanary 2013-10-04

Around the Corner, and Back Again.

Release Notes v6.13.0.0

Corrected issue with some feats, weapon uses, and some minor printing improvements. Also added the other Winter Witch.


Posted by thebluecanary 2013-09-27

Switch Back Blues.

Release Notes v6.12.0.3

Added more Archetypes, a handful of missing Domains, several missing Masterpiece, and a few more minor fixes. Switching back to .XLS format. It was a failed experiment.


Posted by thebluecanary 2013-09-18

Wait? Spells? You Do Them Too?

Release Notes sp v0.8.0.0

Corrected some text, and other issues. Added a handful of feats. More to come.


Posted by thebluecanary 2013-09-13

How much is that doggy in the window?

Release Notes v6.11.0.0

Added Animal/Familiar Archetypes, Added additional animal tricks. More corrections. Changed the format to (.xlsm). For the 2003 users, (me included), once the sheet has been converted, save it as a normal (.xls) file.


Posted by thebluecanary 2013-09-11

Access Granted.

Release Notes v6.10.0.0

I have access to my page, once again. I lost access for about four months. Sorry about that.

Many a Fix. New Archetype. New Prestige Class. Added Basic Lycanthropy support. More Updates.


Posted by thebluecanary 2013-07-31

Data Error

Release Notes v6.9.0.0

Fix some minor data errors. More Prestige Classes added.


Posted by thebluecanary 2013-05-17

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