#225 1.4.11 fails to compile


I had a lengthy bug report and analysis written up but sf.net ate it. So, I'll keep it short this time. 1.4.11 fails to build (wasn't this tested before release). A couple of if-statements are not nested properly. r304 is a verified fix, please make another release.


  • Ronald Stroethoff

    • status: open --> pending-accepted
  • Rolf

    Rolf - 2011-09-20

    stupid sf.net keeps logging me out and eating my comments. I'll try my best to retype from recollection.

    Oh no, please don't do that. A project should never release two md5sum-differing tarballs under the same version. I have the newer version now and will retest compilation.

    What did you think about the gtk3 patch? If the quality is acceptable, I'd like to see that released soon and push it to Debian.

  • Rolf

    Rolf - 2011-09-20
    • status: pending-accepted --> open-accepted
  • Ronald Stroethoff

    First, I want to make clear my position:
    Normally, I am translating texts of Linux-programs into Dutch.
    When the last programmer was stopping with maintaining SCIM, I have asked permission to write access to SCIM for adding my translations, after this, I hunted for content-patches in bugzilla and added them to SVN. (other people have spent time in making this patches)
    My knowledge of programming is limited. This spring, some people has asked me to make new releases.
    Because there is nobody else, I am doing this, but keep in mind, this are my first releases and I will try to do it with errors and repairing this errors.
    About this release: the functionality has not changed, only the broken release was repaired and is now compiling again, therefor an update of the release.

    It is difficult for me to judge the patch internally, normally I would not touch c++-files, but I will ask FanJun Kong for an opinion about it, if OK, I will make quickly a new release for it.

  • Rolf

    Rolf - 2011-09-21

    Ronald, don't get us wrong. Your work is much appreciated. Any of my comments are certainly only meant as an opportunity to learn and to share knowledge, because after all, I am very much in the same shoes as you, maybe even more so than you.

    I'm not willing or capable to review code patches but we should get them reviewed before applying them. If there is currently nobody who can do that I can ask my co-maintainer in Debian if he would be willing to help us out here upstream.

    Thank you for your work.

  • Ronald Stroethoff

    fixed with a newer version on 5 september 2011.
    the patch for more then one monitor is accepted and placed in SVN

  • Ronald Stroethoff

    • status: open-accepted --> closed-fixed

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