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What's the difference between SCID and SCID Project?

SCID is the main product of the SCID project. The SCID program contains lines of codes, and the SCID Project comprises developers, coders, technical writers, advocates, etc. In other words, the SCID Project maintains the SCID program.

Is the SCID Project Only about the Program?

While the SCID program is by far its most important deliverable, the SCID Project also maintains complementary services and assets. Some of the assets, like players' photos and chess engines, come with the SCID program. For other assets, see [GetResources].

The main service the SCID Project provides is [MailingList]. There is also a ticketing system, a Twitter account, a website, and of course this wiki.

What's the License for SCID?

SCID is released under GPL


Wiki: AboutScidProject
Wiki: AboutTheWiki
Wiki: Contribute
Wiki: GetResources
Wiki: MailingList
Wiki: ScidCommunity
Wiki: StartHere
Wiki: TheBookWindow


  • Eduardo

    Eduardo - 2014-10-13

    I have the following two suggestions for the SCID:

    1) Add a dark vertical line in the "Score Graph" indicating the current move from the main game or the last move of the game before going into a new variation.

    2) The ability to open a game from the database three, when only one games remains. This will save time to the users when they want to go over that game that is the closest to theirs.

    BTW, This software is fantastic!!! Thanks for taking this suggestion into consideration.

    • bstp

      bstp - 2014-10-16


      Thank you for the kind words!

      You can submit features requests by clicking in the menu above:

      Tickets/Feature Requests

      Here's the link:

      I would normally post these requests myself, but I'm not sure I understand your (2). Are you suggesting that when you are at the end of a gamelist or a filter, you'd like to switch to the next database?

      Last edit: bstp 2014-10-23

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