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Downloading Scid is one or two clicks away.
Download and install it like you normally do for any other application or program.

Where is the Windows Installer?

Consult the program repository.
The latest stable release is at the top of the list.
There is a 32 bit and a 64 bit binaries.

Where is the OSX Disk Image?

There is none. If you want to release one, please [ContactUs]!

For latest stable release, consult the program repository.
(Warning: you need 10.7 or above!)

Where is the Android version?

See Gerhard Kalab’s Scid on the Go.

Where is the iOS version?

Nowhere. SCID's license is incompatible with Apple's taxation scheme:

Apple's Terms of Service impose restrictive limits on use and distribution for any software distributed through the App Store, and the GPL doesn't allow that.

Where is the Linux version?

For the latest stable release (recommended), click on the button below.
For .rpm files, see [InstallLinuxRPM].
For .deb files, see [InstallLinuxDEB].

Where is the Source code?

For latest stable release, click on the button below.
For the developer code, see [GetLatestCode].
When you have the source code, [CompileScid].

Is there anything else?

When you download and install Scid, you get the [ScidToolkit].
Please visit the Project repository for all the other available assets maintained by the Scid Project.
See also the [GetResources] page; for alternatives, cf. with [ScidCousins].

Where is the Download button?

Just below. You can't miss it: it's green.


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