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 alphabet-sounds 2012-01-08 stas_zytkiewicz [r1767] Added galicia language files
 artwork 2010-04-20 stas_zytkiewicz [r1296] Added new, schoolsplay style, seniorplay logo.
 branches 2012-08-26 stas_zytkiewicz [r1775] Added README
 osx 2007-11-15 Chris_147 [r585] new instructions
 trunk 2010-02-02 Chris_147 [r1123]
 website 2009-01-09 stas_zytkiewicz [r927] Removed as SF no longer supports website update...
 windows 2009-12-02 Chris_147 [r1095] Delete since it is not necessary...
 README 2008-04-20 stas_zytkiewicz [r656] Added file with some info about the various mod...

Read Me

There are two versions of the schoolsplay code base.
'schoolsplay' which can be found in the SVN "olpc-branc" module
and 'childsplay_sp' found in the "childsplay_sp" module.
The "cognitionplay" module is just a themed childsplay_sp version.

Beware that the sources can't be installed with the scripts.
These scripts are meant to be used from within a release package.
Contact if you want to install form
sources. (I assume you know why you want to do that :-)