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SchemeWay - Scheme Plugins for Eclipse / News: Recent posts

SchemeScript 1.3.0 alpha 3 released

This new release adds support for Paul Graham's Arc language.

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2008-02-06

SchemeScript 1.3.0 alpha 2 Released

SchemeScript is a powerful, fully extensible S-expression-based editor. Integrates seamlessly with any Scheme interpreter.

The release notes can be found here:

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2007-11-18

SchemeScript 1.3.0 alpha 1 is out!

SchemeScript 1.3.0 alpha 1 has been released today. This is the first release of SchemeScript in more than a year. This release adds noteworthy features, like exact source location information for symbol definitions, basic syntactic support for R6RS and Snow!, and much more.

This is an ALPHA version, so make sure to report all bugs using the project bug tracking system.

And please consider making a donation to support the future evolution of SchemeScript.... read more

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2007-11-16

Fix to the UpdateSite download

The update site for SchemeScript 1.2.15 was broken. A new version has just been uploaded to the download section.

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2007-08-28

SchemeScript 1.2.15 released

SchemeScript v1.2.15 has been release. The most noteworthy features of this new release are:

- Port to Eclipse 3.2
- Implemented feature request #1325814 : Support for SRFI-62
- examples/scm2html.scm: a script to format a Scheme expression into HTML
- Support for more S-expression-based commands (inspired by paredit.el).
- Ctrl-/ can now uncomment a line or region if the cursor is in a line/multiline/expression comment.... read more

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2006-09-28


I'll be on vacation for the next 3 weeks (starting July 22nd), and won't have access to the Internet. SchemeScript for Eclipse 3.2 will be released when I'll be back.

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2006-07-21

SchemeScript 1.2.4 now features SISC integration!

The latest release of SchemeScript is now available for download. It includes several new enhancements, the most notable one being the integration of SISC as a new embedded interpreter.

Check it out!

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2006-06-06

SchemeScript 1.2.0 has been released!

The latest release of SchemeScript is now available publicly. It includes several new enhancements, like BRL/KRL support.

Check it out!

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2006-03-24

SchemeScript 1.1.4 released

SchemeScript now includes the latest Kawa 1.8 (with some minor fixes and additions taken from the CVS version).

The Update Site has been upgraded in the meantime.

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2005-10-25

SchemeScript 1.1.3 has been released

This is a maintenance release. See the release notes for more information.

The Update site will be released in the next few days.

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2005-10-06

SchemeScript is now SISCweb ready!

The SchemeWay project has just released SchemeScript 1.1.0.


- Added a 'Remote Interpreter'. Using this interface, one can send expressions
to a remote interpreter over a socket. It is SISCweb-ready (default port number
is 5156).
- Fix to content assist. Content assist is shown for the enclosing form
or function call. Also, content assist is not systematically shown
when the spacebar is pressed. This was annoying.

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2005-09-16

SchemeScript 1.0.0 alpha released!

SchemeScript 1.0.0 alpha has just been released. It is stable but not all new features are fully documented.

This new version works with Eclipse 3.1 and Eclipse 3.0.

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2005-08-30

Version 0.4.0

The latest release is now available in ZIP form. Here is an highlight of the new features:

- When errors occur in the interpreter, error locations can be analyzed and hyperlinks added to the console window.
- Added an action to load the document in the interpreter (Ctrl-Shift-L), as well as the associated context menu

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2004-12-21

Versio 0.3.0

The latest release is now available in ZIP form. Here is an highlight of the new features:

- A Scheme perspective has been added
- A (generic) Scheme interpreter support has been added
- A number of bugs have been fixed

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2004-11-25

Version 0.2.0

The latest release is now available in ZIP form. Here is an highlight of the new features:

- Added a first version of the documentation
- A new icon with transparent background
- Extended mouse copy
- Can now open external files
- Added a new indentation category/scheme: 'none'. Ideal for PLT-style modules.
- Added a new preference page - Lexical extensions
- Major modifications to the Color preferences (now Appearance page).

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2004-11-03

Version 0.1.5 alpha

The latest release of SchemeScript now features code assist, code completion, "Find definition", and many small improvements.

Posted by Dominique Boucher 2004-10-01