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SchemaSpyGUI Version 0.99 (20090302) Linux BUGFIX released

SchemaSpyGUI Version 0.99 (20090302) with Bugfix for Linux Clients released.

- Workaround for problems with quotation marks on Linux Clients. Drawback: Currently no support for spaces
in directory or file names with Linux clients.
- fixed horizontal resize problem with large pathnames

Posted by Joachim Uhl 2009-03-02

SchemaSpyGUI Version 0.99 released

Now SchemaSpyGUI Version 0.99 is out. There are major changes:

- complete redesign of the GUI
- store/load as much config files as you need
- support for new flags
- many other impovements

Posted by Joachim Uhl 2009-02-23

SchemaSpyGUI for Java 1.5 released

If you encounter some problems with your java version with the original schemaspygui zip file you should give this release a try.

Posted by Joachim Uhl 2007-11-30

SchemaSpyGUI 0.90pre released

SchemaSpyGUI is java-based and sits on top of SchemaSpy. It helps you to analyze and document your database schemas with a graphical interface. It's for those of us which appreciate the comfort of windows and mouse based applications (like me ;-)). The actual release is a pre release (0.90pre), cause there are a few tasks open and the source code needs rework and lacks comments until now. SchemaSpyGUI is distributed under the terms of the Lesser GNU Public License. Feedback on problems and/or enhancements is appreciated and needed :-).

Posted by Joachim Uhl 2007-11-24