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SCAN 1.3 Users Guide is published

Download SCAN Desktop 1.3 Users Guide (36p A4 PDF, 658Kb) from

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2009-09-30

SCAN 1.3.2 release

The second bugfix release of SCAN Desktop version 1.3 is released.

See the announcement at

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2009-09-21

SCAN and new generation of the social networks

SCAN technology has been adopted to build the client part of experimental People-Concepts Network (PCN). PCN is a prototype of a social network service where people are connected automatically via shared topics of interests extracted from their texts.

PCN is developed by University of Nottingham as a part of EU Laboranova project ( The prototype is available for public beta testing at read more

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2009-07-01

New Web location plugin released

Web plugin enables web-sites to be used as SCAN document sources. It works as a crawler which follows hyperlinks on web-pages and adds them recursively to the repository, starting from a specified URL address.

The plugin supports flexible configuration of a crawling scope, including recursion depth, host and directory name limitations. Standard URL filtering by include/exclude patterns is supported as well.... read more

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2008-07-25

SCAN 1.3.1 bugfix release


[1976004] Wrong document date breaks the application

[1976266] No validation of date values in Document properties

[1976036] Indexing fails with String index out of range error

[1976045],[1925137] Function keys starts editing the table

[1976066] Application window doesn't open immediately on start

[1903350] Exclusion Filter Regular Expression (fixed partially)

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2008-06-10

SCAN Version 1.3 released

What's new in 1.3 version:

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2008-05-12

New MS-Office plugin released

The plugin replaces old MS-Word plugin and supports all major Office formats (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2008-05-08

Plugin bugfix releases

Bugfix releases are available for the following plugins:

Syndication feeds

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2008-05-08

New web-site look

The SCAN web-site design is updated on the threshold of the next 1.3 version release. New look reflects the changes in visual branding of the product, particularly, new logo artwork.

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2008-05-03

SVN structure changed

1) All modules (revisions on the moment of the latest 1.2 release) are copied from the trunk to "branches/1.x" folder which will be used as a support branch for SCAN Version 1.

2) Tags section has new structure:



Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2008-02-25

SCAN FAQ updated

New version of <a href="">SCAN Frequently Asked Questions</a> page is available.

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2008-02-11

SCAN Version 1.2 released

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2008-01-08

Mail plugin 1.0 released

SCAN Mail plugin integrates your email store with SCAN. The plugin introduces new location type to retrieve the messages from local mail folders and put them into the repository together with files, web-pages and other documents. Each email message is treated as a unique text document with metadata properties retrieved from the message headers (subject, sender, date etc). In addition, the attached files of known types are extracted from the messages and processed as the separate documents using installed Document Type plugins.... read more

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2007-11-12

SCAN Version 1.1 released

The second public release of SCAN (version 1.1) is available.

Together with updated SCAN platform, two new plugins are released: plugin and TagClusters panel plugin.

See what's new in 1.1 release:

Download SCAN:

SCAN web-site:

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2007-10-21

SCAN Version 1.0 released

ViceVersa Technologies presents the first public release of SCAN (Smart Content Aggregation and Navigation) platform.

The release includes basic SCAN platform and a number of plugins.

Download SCAN 1.0 release:

SCAN web-site:

Posted by Alex Alishevskikh 2007-09-14

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