#38 GRASS r.param.scale, Landserf, and Fuzzy Land Elements (Schmidt and Hewitt, 2005)


I would like to see the functionality from the GRASS module r.param.scale, Landserf, and the Fuzzy Land Elements (Schmidt and Hewitt, 2005, scalepar.aml and felementf.aml) incorporated into SAGA. As you maybe aware these modules calculate slope, aspect and curvatures using the Evans algorithm using which is considered to be one of the most robust (Florinsky, 2000; Schmidt et al., 2003), and allows the user to modify the window or neighborhood size over which the polynomial is fitted (Wood, 1996). This functionally seems to be one of the only options absent of SAGA, that is available in other GIS.

The felementf.aml by Schmidt which calculates fuzzy land elements is also a unique and simple curvature classification approach. Previously one could generate them using ArcInfo, but AML and ArcInfo are being phased out of ArcGIS. My organization (USDA-NRCS) in the U.S. has interest in using this AML and the multiscale functionality of the modules listed above. Thus, their incorporation into the next stable version of SAGA (hopefully 2.10) would provide additional incentive for my organization to continue our adoption of SAGA as apposed to ArcGIS for spatial analysis. I have a copy of the scalepar.aml and felement.aml from Schmidt which I can provide if their is interest in this request. I have attempted to contact Schimdt to inquire about this request, but have only been able to confirm indirectly through his subordinate that he would be open to it's inclusion into SAGA. Apparently they are working on incorporating the felementf.aml into GRASS.


  • Volker Wichmann

    Volker Wichmann - 2013-02-18


    Olaf has committed an implementation of the Landserf/r.param.scale to trunk, see


    "ta_morphometry, morphometric features: added jo wood's 'multi-scale' classification algorithm (landserf, r.param.scale)."

    In case you are interested in also getting the other classification approaches implemented, I would suggest you attach the AMLs here.


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