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SAA 0.16 released

This is an updated version of SAA.
a) It is more stable.
b) There is a source separation alogrithm which works in partly reverberant room.
c) There is a simple scope to monitor the waveforn in left and riight channel of your sound card.

Posted by Joby Joseph 2004-02-08

saa-0.1.4 with better source separation

saa-0.1.4 comes with a better algorithm for source seapration. Now it works reasonably well in reverberant rooms. There are of cource lots of bug fixes. This is mosl likely the final version which is going to look like as it is now. It is being redesigned.

Posted by Joby Joseph 2003-11-02

SAA 0.1 released

This is an alpha version where most of the features like recording, reading files of various formats, saving as .wav and .dat, separating sources and normalising signals are functional.

Posted by Joby Joseph 2003-05-18