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RuVim 0.5 (Russian Vim) released

Celebrating an year since the first public release, RuVim project breaks a new release, 0.5, which contains 10 new translated files, messages, menu and manpages. The total volume of translation reaches 76 files of Vim help out of 116. All translations have been updated to match Vim 6.3.0. The most significant change comes with latest patches to Vim itself, which allow us to ship an archive file ready to unpack in your $VIMRUNTIME.... read more

Posted by vassily ragosin 2004-06-16

ruvim 0.4 (Russian Vim) released

New version of Russian documentation translations for Vim editor was released, bringing total count of translated documentation to 43% (66 out of 115 help files). This release includes enormous options help file as well as two other new files: cmdline.txt and sponsor.txt.

This release also contains changes to make documentation consistent with Vim 6.2.263 and includes many minor typo fixes and edits.... read more

Posted by vassily ragosin 2004-03-02

News of ruvim project (Russian Vim documentation)

We have released a new version (0.3) of Russian documentation translations for Vim editor.

The changes include some fixes as well as addition of 8 new translations: change.txt, indent.txt, insert.txt, repeat.txt, undo.txt, visual.txt, various.txt, recover.txt.

For downloads please visit project homepage:

Posted by vassily ragosin 2003-08-02

Russian documentation for Vim editor in other codepages

Russian documentation (ruvim-doc-beta-0.2) is now available for download in two extra codepages, as it was requested: CP-1251 (Win) and CP-866 (alt).

Posted by vassily ragosin 2003-06-25

New release of the Russian documentation for Vim editor

ruvim project has released a new version of the documentation that is now ready to be used with Vim 6.2. There are no new files translated into Russian in this release, but it is still worth downloading, as it contains important additions, such as explanation on how to handle exceptions in Vim scripts.

Posted by vassily ragosin 2003-06-22

Russian Vim documentation first beta released

First beta release of ruvim project includes the whole Vim editor User manual translated into Russian plus some additional documentation.

Posted by vassily ragosin 2003-06-21

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