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RUE Tomcat Sensors 0.53

A new release (ver. 0.53) of the RUE sensors for Tomcat is available.
This release, now supports Tomcat 3.1.x and Tomcat 3.2.x versions.

The packages are available at:

* binaries (~65 K)

* all (binaries + sources) (~1M) read more

Posted by Remus Pereni 2001-02-22

RUE 0.52 + new Tomcat sensors

New release of RUE (ver. 0.52) which is basically a bug fix version. Update is recommended since several bugs where serious. For more details look at the Also the sensors are separated now from the RUE core, and two new channels added to the Tomcat sensor which allows now, also, the monitorization of memory and active threads.

Posted by Remus Pereni 2000-10-26

RUE 0.51 & feedback needed !

RUE 0.51 is out. It is still a long way to go but in order to make it indeed useful i would like to hear also your opinions on how would you like to be.

Posted by Remus Pereni 2000-07-24