#19 Default port completion with TAB

Emacs Integration

Whenever I do M-x rudel-join-session, I stumble over having to remember the port. “Was it 6552 or 6522?”

So it would be really useful for me to have TAB-completion for that - which is provided for M-x rudel-host-session.

I tried doing it myself in the source, but I could not find out in 10 minutes where the port-question is actually asked when joining sessions…

PS: Rudel is really cool - a really nice collaboration experience with Emacs - and I recently setup a running rudel-server on my small 24/7 host to be able to easily collaborate with other people without losing the convenience of Emacs.


  • Jan Moringen

    Jan Moringen - 2014-02-23

    I tried to reply via email. In case it didn't work, here is my reply again:

    As a project, Rudel is currently being migrated to GNU infrastructure
    and will hopefully find a new maintainer in the process. That means
    sourceforge will probably not be the right place for bug reports in the

    • Arne Babenhauserheide

      How’s the status of moving to GNU infrastructure?


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