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Moved to RubyForge

This project has been marked for deletion. All further development will happen over at RubyForge (

- Dan

Posted by Daniel Berger 2006-03-03

sys-proctable 0.6.0 released!

The latest and greatest version of sys-proctable has been released. No new platforms added, but there was an API change, hence the major release number.

See the changelog for details.



Posted by Daniel Berger 2003-10-23

sys-uptime 0.2.0 released

This release now has MS Windows support! Note, however, that it will only work for NT systems (NT, Win2k, XP Pro).

The Windows version also has the boot_time method.

See docs for more details.



Posted by Daniel Berger 2003-03-13

sys-proctable 0.4.0 released!

Now with MS Windows support!


- Added MS Windows support (non-cygwin)
- Added environment information for Linux version
- Added real exceptions (type depends on platform)
- Added a test suite (for those with testunit installed)
- Removed the sys-uname requirement
- Heavily modified the extconf.rb script
- Changed "Changelog" to "CHANGES" and "Manifest" to "MANIFEST"
- Added a VERSION constant and class method
- Minor internal directory layout change (put 'os' under 'lib')
- Changed package name to lower case
- Doc changes, including license information

Posted by Daniel Berger 2003-03-11

sys-uname 0.4.1 released!

The latest version of sys-uname is out. The big news is that there is now MS Windows support! Also, a test suite has been added, as well as dynamic test file creation/linking. Oh, and the C89 bug was fixed.....again (oops).

Posted by Daniel Berger 2003-02-07

sys-cpu released

I've just released the first version of sys-cpu! Currently it only supports Solaris, but I plan to add support for other platforms as well.

Posted by Daniel Berger 2003-02-04

ruby-sysutils released

Announcing ruby-sysutils

This sourceforge project aims to provide Ruby extensions for various system utilities.

The following four modules are currently available:


An interface to the ps command (i.e. the /proc filesystem). With this module you can look for information about a specific process, look for groups of processes by name, or iterate over every process that is currently running. Information includes pid, ppid, etc. The exact fields available depend on your platform.... read more

Posted by Daniel Berger 2002-09-13