Conceptronic C54BRS4 ap-router

  • Roi Rodriguez

    Roi Rodriguez - 2005-03-10


    I've the C54BRS4 AP-router from Conceptronic. I was surprised when i found it runs linux, and that Conceptronic has the linux distribution and cross-compiler available to download.

    Going on on this matter, i also found that it uses the tools from realtek for rtl8181 to build the firmware images. Does it mean my router having a rtl8181 built-in? I've asked the same question to the men at Conceptronic technical support, still waiting for an answer... i'll post their answer back here.

    Can i perform any checks to agree my theory (about C54BRS4 having a rtl8181 built-in)?? I opened the router... what must i search for?

    Roi Rodriguez

    PD: Excuse me about my *bad* english :-)

    • Arnaud

      Arnaud - 2005-03-10

      Hi Roi,

      Your looking for a chip with the text RTL8181. It's black and has the size of a stamp. Does your router has a FCC ID somewhere on the housing, on a sticker?


    • benjamin henrion

      lftp> ls -al
      11-14-04  10:57PM              1995022 C54BRS4_FW_1.85.bin
      10-26-04  11:07AM              2014764 C54BRS4_FW_1.92beta.bin
      02-01-05  12:35PM              1994752 C54BRS4_FW_2.00_BETA.exe
      12-02-04  01:06PM               236657 C54BRS4_How_to_Abrir_puertos.pdf
      12-02-04  01:08PM               894539 C54BRS4_How_to_configuracin_C54BRS4.pdf
      02-02-05  01:33PM                94208 C54BRS4_Licensing_Information.doc
      01-31-05  11:17AM               114167 C54BRS4_Licensing_Information.pdf
      07-20-04  01:49AM              1002533 C54BRS4_ML.pdf
      01-27-05  04:27PM             91933990

    • benjamin henrion

      It seems to be an ADMTEK based router:

      zoobab@pecs /home/zoobab/EdiLinux [144]$ cat build.tmp
      zoobab@pecs /home/zoobab/EdiLinux [145]$

      The manufacturer is probably Edimax:

      If you have a screwdriver, or better, the FCC-ID it would help. Maybe searching on the FCC website with the 3 first characters of Edimax would help.

    • benjamin henrion

      I would say it is highly probable:

      AP/busybox-1.00-pre2/util-linux/.depend: /home/rex/tmp/ADM5120/AP/busybox-1.00-pre2/include/dump.h $(dep_/home/rex/tmp/ADM5120/AP/busybox-1.00-pre2/include/dump.h)

    • benjamin henrion

      Do you have its FCC-ID? I can buy it in a shop for 65EUR TTC, but I need to know if it has a mini-pci connector.

    • Roi Rodriguez

      Roi Rodriguez - 2005-03-19


      Yeah, benjamin, you're right... I see the same you posted. So this thread has to be closed... It's based on a ADMTEK chipset, not a rtl8181 one. My confusion came from the firmware build tools, which seems provided by realtek (so it seems to be another chipset, but using the same tools from realtek).

      I'm sorry, i couldn't find that the first time i saw.

      Roi Rodriguez

    • Anonymous - 2005-10-20

      I have opened my C54BRS4 and it has a rtl8186 chipset (wich is based in a Lexra LX5280). I don't know if I can develop with the sources that Conceptronic has on its web site, because as I see it compiles for an ADM5120 as you say. I have come to the conclusion that both chipsets are MIPS compatible and thus compatible with each other, but I don't want to crash my router updating with an uncompatible firmware.

      I also want to know where is the serial port inside this router. There are four pins were I suposse there is the serial port, and looking for voltages I found that pin 1 is 3,3 vols and pin 3 is 0 volts (ground). The other 2 pins (2 and 4) I suppose they are RX and TX, but which is RX and which TX? Do you know if connecting it with the computer and using minicom will go ok the trick of pressing the space bar 3 times?

      Any of you have any idea of all this? I am very excited with the idea of programming this routers kernel :)

      Thank you all.

    • walex53

      walex53 - 2005-10-27

      Eneko, maybe i can help you with the serial connection. Look at
      for the pinout of the serial port. But please be careful about the different voltages on the TX/RX lines on the PC Serial Port (-12V, +12V) and router (0V, +3,3V). You need a MAX323 IC or a mobile phone cable as a voltage convertor as described in linux-mips-org. If you connect the devices directly, you may blow something.

      And, please, anybody help me!
      I am searching for a cheap wireless router, that definitely uses the ADM5120. Any ideas?



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