#6 2.6.23 kernel does not support RTL8197


RTL8187 driver does not work with the RTL8197 IC in the present kernel. It appears that this can be corrected by adding
{USB_DEVICE(0x0bda, 0x8197)},
to the structure definition
static struct usb_device_id rtl8187_table[] __devinitdata = {
/* Realtek */
{USB_DEVICE(0x0bda, 0x8187)},
/* netgear */
{USB_DEVICE(0x0846, 0x6100)},
{USB_DEVICE(0x0846, 0x6a00)},
in the file drivers/net/wireless/rtl8187_dev.c

I say 'appears', because after performing this modification, the wlan0 drivers have been created, though I have yet to obtain an actual wireless connection (probably because of other setup issues).


  • Jeff Cranmer

    Jeff Cranmer - 2007-12-21

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    Correction. I'm still stuck with a "phy0: RF calibration failed! 0" error.

  • Jeff Cranmer

    Jeff Cranmer - 2007-12-21
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I also have the RealTek module, and I fixed it with this and the other related change for recognizing the 8197 chip set (from Toshiba).

    When I mentioned this to the RealTek support person they got all huffy about it not being their chip. Oh well they end up missing out.

    I disabled the RF calibration loop, and got further. I may not have waited long enough for the networks to be discovered before unloading the module, and reverting back to the one I have working. The vendor driver writes different values to reg 5 & 7 depending on if it is a USB, or other type device. There also seems to be a 8189 device, which configures the same as a 8197.

    I'm using OpenSuse 10.3 with kernel 2.6.22.

  • ching hwang

    ching hwang - 2008-10-01

    2.6.27-rc7 has 8197 in the device table.

    /drivers/net/wireless/rtl8187_dev.c: {USB_DEVICE(0x0bda, 0x8197), .driver_info = DEVICE_RTL8187B},
    /drivers/net/wireless/rtl8187_dev.c: {USB_DEVICE(0x0bda, 0x8189), .driver_info = DEVICE_RTL8187B},

    I think it may solve this recalibration error. I have device of 8189 which shows RF calibration error under 2.6.26 but it works on 2.6.27-rc7. Sorry that I don't have 8197 device to try.
    This is where I get the 2.6.27-rc7

    git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/linville/wireless-2.6.git master

    I hope falmouth doesn't feel offensive that I jump into his assignment. He just solve my puzzle on Netgear WG111 (v2).



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