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New video showing caustics posted on home page!!

I have posted a high resolution video of a coming version (1.5) which supports HDR caustics filtering.. See it..

Posted by Oscar Barenys 2006-12-12

RTFSS 1.1 released!!

This is one of the most important releases of RTFSS to date since the initial Sourceforge Release.

The most important features are:

*Support for viscoelastic fluid

*"Pool demo" (with raytraced refractions and caustics computed entirely on GPU)

*3d audio engine (based on OpenAL 1.0) and added a background sound (tested to work with 5.1 speakers..) [3d audio only shows on pool demo when adding drops with 'g' key]... read more

Posted by Oscar Barenys 2005-10-24

RTFSS v1.0 installer needs libmmd.dll!! Temporal fix..

I have tested the installer version on a lot of machines and I have realized that the installer version (1.0) not runs if it's not present libmmd.dll. This library is part of Intel Compiler libs and it's not inluded. Sorry.. but the good news is that the library is only needed by the glut32.dll library included which was compiled with Intel compiler and I didn't remember of it. Please delete this file and if you don't have glut lib. installed download at the file (117 KB). This is a temporal fix and coming releases will come with this library.. With this all should run nice.. :-))... read more

Posted by Oscar Barenys 2005-10-03

RTFSS 1.0 Demo (lightweight) released!!

Today RTFSS 1.0 Demo has been released as promised weigthing less 700kb.

It includes only executable and the minimal media need to run simple scenes. (It includes only two low-res cubemaps, but all shaders to try..) plus minimal documentation.

This release should give a taste of the RTFSS simulator (not the viewer features because there aren't included any models) without having to download +7mb. I hope it'will be welcomed to users having narrow bandwith connections..

Posted by Oscar Barenys 2005-09-23

RTFSS 1.0 released!!

Now it runs on non-Nvidia cards too.. (good news for ati users..)

Download and enjoy..

Posted by Oscar Barenys 2005-09-22

0.9 non works on ATI cards.. fixed on 1.0 and coming soon..

Hi guys,
0.9 release was not tested on ATI cards but suposed to work, today I have tested and it doesn't..
There are minor bug fixes that will be fixed in 1.0 and because of this I will do it my best to release version 1.0 sooner than expected.. perhaps next week and for sure before October..

Posted by Oscar Barenys 2005-09-15

RTFSS 0.9 released!!

It supports all the promised features and more..

Dowloand for your pleasure..

Posted by Oscar Barenys 2005-09-08

RTFSS 0.8 initial public release aborted,coming 0.9..

Hi guys, I have realized that because we are only two develepors and the soruce code base is big..,
and takes time to properly document it we have canned 0.8 initial public release and we are going to release 0.9.. It will have a lot of bug fixes over 0.8 and camera path selection via spline interpolation of track points, the viewer will have shadows, and perhaps the dependencies of Intel MKL will be removed and muche more..
Be patient, perhaps it will be avaiable this month, and likely ready for a September release..

Posted by Oscar Barenys 2005-08-14

RTFSS 0.8 coming soon..

The first release are coming.. Stay tuned..

Posted by Oscar Barenys 2005-08-03

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